Calvaria Presale Raises $2.1 Million – Last Chance for Investors to Join the Presale

Calvaria, a new play-to-earn NFT crypto project, has raised more than $2.1 million through an ongoing presale of its native RIA token. The presale is now in its 5th and final stage, so investors need to act quickly if they want to invest in Calvaria during the presale.

Less than 10% of RIA tokens allocated for the presale remain. RIA is now selling at a price of $0.0325, which represents a gain of 225% for the earliest investors in the Calvaria presale.

In total, Calvaria released 150 million tokens, or 15% of the total RIA supply, for the presale. The project expects to raise $3.075 million that can be used towards launching its P2E gaming ecosystem.

IEO Around the Corner

Calvaria expects to make trading on RIA available through major exchanges soon after the end of the presale. The project has already inked deals with KuCoin and, respectively the 3rd and 4th largest exchanges by trading volume according to crypto data site CoinGecko.

In addition, Calvaria has entered a partnership with, a leading social crypto trading platform.

It’s not yet known what price RIA will be offered at during an initial exchange offering (IEO). However, the strong demand for RIA during the Calvaria presale suggests that an IEO could be highly successful. Presale investors can anticipate prices soaring well above the current $0.0325 presale price.

Calvaria has attracted a lot of attention within the crypto community. The presale has been covered by outlets like Cryptonews, Benzinga, and Yahoo! Finance. Calvaria has also been featured by the business-centric tech and trading outlet Business2Community.

RIA and the Calvaria P2E Ecosystem

The RIA token plays a central role in Calvaria’s play-to-earn (P2E) crypto gaming ecosystem.

RIA is the reward token for Duels of Eternity, a battle card game in which players build unique decks of NFT cards and deploy them in one-on-one duels. Players who win these duels earn RIA, which they can then use at the Calvaria NFT marketplace. The marketplace enables players to purchase additional battle cards or upgrade their existing cards, giving them more opportunities to win RIA in future battles.

RIA can also be staked to facilitate transactions within Calvaria. Staking rewards are paid out in RIA. The development team has set aside 25% of the total RIA supply for staking rewards, to be released over a period of 5 years.

Players and investors who stake RIA also get to participate in the Calvaria DAO. This means that players and investors have a say in the future of the Calvaria P2E gaming ecosystem.

A New Model for P2E Gaming

Calvaria is breaking the mold of existing P2E battle card games and opening up the world of crypto gaming to new audiences.

When Duels of Eternity launches, it will be available on the web and through mobile apps for iOS and Android. This mobile-native functionality is a major step forward for P2E crypto games, which traditionally have been limited to desktop play. Calvaria expects to attract mobile gamers who have not previously joined P2E games.

Another major change from Calvaria is that the project will offer a free-to-play version of Duels of Eternity. Players will not need to buy NFT battle cards, hold RIA, or even connect a crypto wallet to the platform.

The free-to-play version of the game breaks down several barriers that have hindered wider adoption of crypto games. Players will not be eligible to earn RIA rewards, but will be able to see how much RIA they could be earning by switching to the P2E version of Calvaria.

In addition, all characters in Calvaria are fully 3-dimensional. This is a small but important advance over existing battle card games like Gods Unchained and Splinterlands. Notably, it positions Calvaria for future development of an immersive metaverse.

Transactions in the Calvaria ecosystem will be facilitated by the Polygon network, a Layer 2 protocol built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon offers fast and inexpensive transactions, and Calvaria’s development is being supported by Polygon Studios.

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