Cardano and Solana Targeted by Another Lawsuit, Borroe Finance Set to Smash Records After Raising $1.6M

The SEC continues its efforts to tame the crypto industry with another lawsuit, this time against Kraken. The documents target multiple top altcoins, which may be considered unregistered securities.

Cardano and Solana are two of the most frequently cited ones – ADA is mentioned over 60 times and Solana’s SOL is mentioned over 100 times in the SEC vs Kraken lawsuit.

What does this mean for the crypto industry and how will it impact ADA and SOL investors? What do investors do to limit their exposure to these altcoins? Even more importantly, what is BorroeFinance and why is it considered one of the best cryptos to buy now?


ADA and SOL Scrutinized by the SEC

This is not the first time ADA and SOL come under the scrutiny of the SEC – a few months ago, they were also mentioned in the lawsuits against Coinbase and Binance. ADA and SOL founders have denied such claims, supporting the fact that both altcoins were actually caught in the crossfire, not exactly targeted by the SEC.

Regardless, uncertainty is piling up in the crypto community. The lawsuit only adds to the already frail regulatory balance when it comes to the crypto industry.

For instance, in the lawsuit against Kraken, the SEC claims that the popular exchange has been commingling funds – that is, the exchange has been using users’ funds to cover for its operating costs.

Despite the lawsuit, Cardano’s ADA remains in the green with nearly 40% gains in the past month but is still well below SOL’s gains of around 80% in the same period.

With SOL and ADA under regulatory scrutiny, some investors are looking for diversification into projects that could be potentially left untouched by the volatile regulatory landscape. This is where Borroe Finance comes in.

Borroe Finance Set to Smash Records, Over $1.6m Raised

Kraken’s legal trouble has stirred up a hunger for growth and innovative tech among investors in the crypto industry. The numbers speak for themselves: Borroe Finance’s native ERC20 coins, $ROE, have pulled in over $1.6 million and the project is in its Stage 2 of the presale.

By Stage 8, the price will hit $0.04, marking an impressive bump from the current $0.015.

But why is Borroe Finance on the top ICO list?

What makes Borroe Finance unique is the fusion of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and non-fungible tokens to create the first peer-to-peer funding marketplace for Web3 businesses.

The mix of technologies allows innovative companies, such as content creators and NFT artists, to mint their future revenues into discounted NFTs, and then sell them for instant cash.

While the impact of the new lawsuit on the broader market has yet to be fully realized, one thing is for sure: Borroe Finance has already grabbed attention with its utility-packed business model, not to mention that AI is one of the biggest disruptors of the decade – and the platform utilizes it to disrupt the traditional, outdated banking industry.

Over 150 million $ROE tokens have already made their way to early backers’ wallets.

Some of the main features of the $ROE tokens include special discounts and rewards on the marketplace, priority alerts on sales, voting rights on specific matters, and many more use cases that will be revealed as the project progresses throughout the stages of its roadmap, clearly explained in the whitepaper.



The lawsuit against Kraken targeting Cardano and Solana once again has thrown in some unexpected twists, but there is a silver lining: Borroe Finance is turning heads as one of the best cryptos to buy now.

To avoid the legal drama, investors have been choosing $ROE tokens for their robust potential to disrupt the financial industry, and over $1.6 million has already been raised.

If you want to grab your golden ticket to the future of Web3, AI-powered funding industry, consider buying into the Borroe Finance presale!

Learn more about BorroeFinance ($ROE) here:

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