Cardano Metaverse Project, Cardalonia Integrates ADA Handle to Staking Platform, Kicks Off $LONIA Token Second Sale


Cardalonia, a Cardano Metaverse Project building a creator centric Metaverse on the Cardano blockchain that will connect creators, developers, asset creators and artists and play to earn lovers through an interactive and curated Metaverse experience where players can earn in-game tokens and convert same to real-world money.

Cardalonia is powered by $LONIA, a utility token that serves as the native currency of the ecosystem.

A Seed Sale is ongoing for early adopters who wish to acquire $LONIA tokens at a cheaper rate before being listed on exchanges can do so using this link:

Cardalonia has also released it’s staking platform:

This means that you can start staking your tokens immediately, and your tokens never leave your wallet. It’s like staking ADA to a cardano Stake Pool.

Another interesting feature that was added is the integration of ADA Handle addresses on the staking leaderboard, instead of just a random generic stake key, you will see your custom ada handle addresses instead.

Cardalonia Flexible Staking

 The team at Cardalonia recently released the project’s flexible staking vault. The vault allows token holders to stake their $LONIA to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including early pre-sale land sale ticket, DAO governance, and compounded monthly rewards.

The auto-compounding and flexible staking protocol function the same as the Cardano Stake Pools. When you stake your $LONIA tokens, you stand a chance to earn continuous passive income at an interest rate as high as 20%.

The Cardalonia Flexible Staking lets you earn the highest stable returns on a single investment without your LONIA tokens ever leaving your wallets.

Click here to start the process of staking your $LONIA.

Cardalonia Metaverse Unique Features

Users can acquire parcels of Terrania (Cardalonia Land)

Users can Breed Their Clan Members to mint (Create) new Clans Create Assets & Trade it on the Cardalonia Marketplace

Earn Lonia Tokens for Each Extracted Resource.

$LONIA Seed Sale

The LONIA token is the utility token that is central to the Cardalonia Ecosystem as holders of LONIA tokens will automatically be whitelisted for the LAND Pre-Sale which will happen after the sale rounds.

The seed sale is for early adopters who desire to acquire the tokens before it gets listed on exchanges.

Investors who would like to acquire some LONIA tokens can do so using the Seed Sale Link below. 

$LONIA Tokenomics

  • Total token supply (allocation): 15,000,000 LONIA Tokens
  • Price: 1 ADA = 13 Lonia Tokens
  • Min Amount: 250 ADA

Please note that over 33% of the tokens allocated for the seed sale have been sold out. Additionally, all $LONIA holders have an opportunity to participate in the upcoming Cardalonia land pre-sale.

How To Buy Lonia Tokens

 If you’re looking to join other early adopters to purchase $LONIA before the exchange listing and IDO, click on the link below

Development Roadmap

Staking Platform has been released, Cardalonia Map & marketplace are currently in development and they will be bundled with a specially curated medieval theme song for Cardalonia.

Cardalonia in Game NFT assets are already in development and the team has successfully been able to create a sustainable utility concept that will be released in the coming weeks.

Cardalonia Game Launch

The alpha version of the Cardalonia metaverse game will be available for users who have staked their tokens in the first quarter of 2023.

Cardalonia LAND owners can earn the Clan NFTs by completing challenges which will give them the ability to experience the Cardalonia metaverse and can also stake the Cardalonia’s utility token, LONIA, on their vault.

About Cardalonia

Cardalonia metaverse is an engaging and fun virtual world where users can acquire virtual 3D NFT avatars, land and take part in the events to earn rewards.

Moreover, the project has robust tokenomics, premium-quality NFTs, dedicated marketplace for trading, and a set roadmap along with a world-class team that is constantly improving the platform.

Buy Lonia Token:
Stake Lonia Token:

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