Cardence finishes SpinADA’s IDO in 6 mins. Listing on 3rd Nov 1700 UTC on Pancakeswap.

SpinADA , which is Cardence’s first IDO project , will list on Pancakeswap on 3rd Nov at 1700 UTC. It is the first decentralized private transaction protocol for Cardano network. Massive gains are expected for early entrants at the time of listing as there is a lot of hype around this project after Steve Wozniak made a call for it.

SpinADA.Cash is fully incubated by Cardence and its IDO finished in 6 mins on the Cardence platform. Its IDO was also featured in Coinmarketcap ICO calendar. came to prominence after Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak shouted out for the project and supported the project. is a fully decentralized protocol for private transactions on Cardano, which breaks the on-chain link between senders and receivers of Cardano native tokens on the blockchain. This gives complete privacy and security in a completely decentralized manner. uses a Zero Knowledge proof protocol known as zk-SNARK , developed by the good fellows at Zcash, and firstly implemented by on Ethereum, to ensure secure anonymous transactions of Cardano assets on the blockchain.

It features a Smart contract that accepts Cardano tokens and then allows anyone with proof of knowledge to withdraw those tokens through the use of Cryptographic keynotes.

When a sender submits a transaction, he receives a key note and a corresponding hash is received by the Smart contract. When a withdrawer furnishes the right key note, it is matched with the hash to output the corresponding submitted tokens.

Protocol parameters will be governed by the community. A trusted setup ceremony for zk-SNARK will be organized through community participation to further decentralize the protocol.

SpinADA is the latest offering from the game-changing platform, which allows investors early access to invest at IDOs, before public release.

More information on SpinADA is available on or join telegram group

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