CARV Teams up with BNB Chain For Its Zero2hero Hackathon, To Gather Global Developers for Innovative Ideas in the Web3 Gaming World

Santa Clara, May 25th, 2023 – Hackathons serve as valuable forums to harness groundbreaking ideas and recommendations, driving progress in the gaming industry. CARV, a pioneer in web3 gamer credentialing, proudly teams up with the BNB Chain Zero2hero Hackathon (hereinafter referred to as the hackathon) in May 2023, emerging as the sole bounty provider for NFT, Gamify, and Metaverse Track.

In collaboration with Encode Club, a web3 education community, the gaming track of this hackathon attracted over a thousand developers, fostering an environment conducive to the birth of revolutionary concepts and advancements in the web3 vertical. The Gamify track has received around 40 valid submissions by now, and the CARV team is supporting developers and reviewing submissions from community developers and other projects that fall into the categories of AI-powered gaming, on-chain credentials and analytics, and more.

CARV’s partnership with the hackathon shows its dedication to supporting the growth of gaming in Web3. By offering experience and tools for developer onboarding, CARV sets a precedent for other projects. Through community engagement, CARV has established itself as a valuable player in the ecosystem and looks forward to seeing innovative ideas emerge.

Bridging Gaming and Players with a New Standard in Credentialing

Since its inception in 2022, CARV, backed by Temasek, has been actively involved in building a gaming-focused credential infrastructure. Our mission is to enable gamers with enhanced social and seamless credential-based experiences across games while empowering games with privacy-preserving, AI-driven intelligence for growth and operations. Being part of the genesis cohort of BNBChain’s EU Incubator and UPenn Wharton’s Cypher Blockchain Accelerator, we have garnered invaluable insights and knowledge. Throughout our journey, we encountered challenges in bridging the gaming world with the on-chain layer, addressing issues related to web3 wallets (EVM, Solana, and Near) and web2 major gaming platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Steam, Xbox, and email. Overcoming obstacles such as gas fee inefficiencies and block rollbacks, CARV has evolved into a robust credential infrastructure, currently supporting over 160 games and half a million users.

The CARV protocol represents a new standard for credential generation and management within the gaming industry, fundamentally disrupting the current value distribution paradigm and shifting data sovereignty and value creation towards contributors. It is designed to be highly inclusive, welcoming developers of all backgrounds and expertise levels to contribute and leverage its technical capabilities. The protocol is based on a set of rules and conventions that define the format and interpretation of different components of credentials and data preservation. These rules enable peer entities across the gaming layer to seamlessly interact and exchange information, enhancing the overall data sovereignty and analytical intelligence in the ecosystem.

Right now, we are onboarding more developers with white-glove experience and documents to help them reach new gamers.

Unpack Game-changing Ideas

CARV, as one of the earliest adopters of Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) in credentials, remains at the forefront of innovation. We continuously explore new fronts of private-preserving to enhance our offerings and deliver greater value to gamers and games. During the hackathon, we proposed compelling topics that align with our core objectives, including privacy-preserving gamer credential verification, generative AI tools for seamless web3 game creation, and comprehensive on-chain and digital activity representation in gamer profiles. Throughout the hackathon process, we continued to engage with many teams, and the discussions left us amazed. We eagerly anticipated standout ideas that will shape the future of Web3 gaming. In addition to engaging new talents, we are thrilled to collaborate with familiar faces on the gaming track, such as Footprint Analytics and Achainable.

Our commitment to developers is unwavering, as we actively support and connect with them through daily sessions within the BNB Chain community. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a live-streaming office hour event with the Encode Club community and its developers. Moreover, CARV is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring winners in the gaming track, further fostering innovation and propelling the gaming industry forward.

About CARV

CARV is building a credential infrastructure focused on gaming, enabling gamers with enhanced social and seamless credential-based experiences across games while empowering games with privacy-preserving, AI-driven intelligence for growth and operations.

Since its launch in May 2022, CARV has onboarded over half a million users, working with top gaming-focused chains including Oasys, NEAR, Polygon, IMX, and BNBChain, and over a hundred top web3 games such as Big Time, Illuvium, Apeiron, Ultiverse, and Splinterland. CARV provides value across user acquisition, user on-chain / in-game data analytics, gamer understanding, and credential-based user retention.

CARV’s seed round funding was led by Temask’s Vertex, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and YGGSEA, with participation from other gaming strategy participants. Genesis cohort of UPenn’s Cypher Accelerator and BNBChain’s EU Incubator.


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