Casper (CSPR) and Rocket Pool (RPL) Fail to Sustain Big Weekly Gains, Analysts Say Yachtify (YCHT) Will Outperform Them

The cryptocurrency market always has winners for different phases of a bull market, most of them fueled by developments. However, what separates the winners of the bull market from the rest is the ability to sustain the gains for a long period.

For most of April, Casper (CSPR) and Rocket Pool (RPL) were the two best-performing digital assets. However, they have failed to sustain the bullish momentum that previously helped them.

On the other hand, market analysts have spotted a potential winner for the current bull cycle, given the large number of investors backing the project and the momentum Yachtify is building while in presale.


Casper (CSPR) Fails to Sustain Massive Gains

In April, Casper (CSPR), a project dedicated to helping businesses quickly build blockchain-enabled products and services, was one of the biggest gainers as it led the market in both bullish momentum and gains.

The price of Casper (CSPR) spiked by more than 40% in a two-day span after the new Casper (CSPR) wallet was launched. The price of Casper (CSPR) continued growing as other developments were announced in April.

However, entering into the month of May, Casper (CSPR) has enjoyed less price growth, even losing some in the process. Although Casper (CSPR) still remains one of the best-performing cryptos for the year, with its price growing from $0.028 to $0.059, the coin has been consolidating over the last two weeks.

Bullish Momentum Fades for Rocket Pool (RPL)

As the first decentralized pool that made it cheaper to stake Ethereum, Rocket Pool (RPL) enjoyed massive success amidst the release of staked Ethereum. However, since the Shapella upgrade, the Rocket Pool (RPL) bullish momentum has faded.

After jumping from $42 to over $60 the week of the launch, the price of Rocket Pool (RPL) has corrected down to $49.7. Current data shows that there is a dwindling interest from investors in Rocket Pool (RPL), leading to the recent price correction.

The network traction of Rocket Pool (RPL) has plunged by 86% in the same period as investors leave the staking protocol. One attractive option as investors turn away from Rocket Pool (RPL) has been Yachtify (YCHT).


Yachtify (YCHT) to Lead the Market in Gains

Yachtify is quickly gaining ground as the new investor hotspot because it is the world’s first exclusive platform where investors can buy, sell, rent, or own a timeshare in luxury boats ranging from a Jetski to a Sunseeker Yacht.

Because it is expensive to buy one of these luxury boats, Yachtify uses fractional NFTs to give every investor an opportunity to own a portion of these regardless of their investment capital. The NFTs minted on Yachtify are backed by the physical skis and yachts.

Yactify doesn’t stop there but also gives investors the chance to earn interests in the NFTs they hold when these luxury boats are rented or leased. In addition, Yachtify will also include a lending protocol where users will be able to secure loans at good rates, using their NFT assets and physical yachts as collateral.

The native token to power the ecosystem, YCHT is currently in its presale stage and sells at $0.1. If you buy into the project while in stage one, you can earn up to a 30% bonus. The unique offering of Yachtify is the reason investors believe it will lead the market in gains.


Find out more about the Yachtify (YCHT) presale:



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