Celebrate the Legalization of Marijuana! 2020 Is Giving Away 6 Free Moonrock Pre-Rolls


2020 is celebrating the legalization of weed by giving away 6 free moonrock pre-rolls. An original retail value of $100, but you can get it free if you just pay $12.50 shipping by clicking here.

You’ll also see a whole host of other marijuana items for sale that’s sure enough able to get you “high as a kite.” It took 95 years to dump the criminality for legal weed and 2020 is not taking it lightly by proposing to give away 12,000 pre-rolls or the first 2000 first orders on their website.

People all over the world are celebrating this historic day and there is plenty of “joyful aroma” in the air. There are long lineups all around cannabis and retail stores, but nowhere near as much as the demand on the internet.

Online dispensaries are moving so much product, that in many cases they’re running out of stock on the same day. Some stores running 1000 transactions per minute. A cultural revolution, just beginning.

“It’s a celebration of tolerance, all over the globe.” – 2020

In regards to today’s pot infused euphoria and parties, the legalization of cannabis promises a lot. People of all walks of life from middle-class professionals, young adults, older, executives and everyone in between have stepped out of the shadows and they’re not afraid to say “WE LIKE WEED!”

What are you waiting for? Grab your free moonrock pre-rolls and try a whole host of different flavors by clicking here.

Flavors include:

  • Vanilla Mango
  • OG
  • Henny and Honey
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Banana

This is a celebration for both the legalization of weed and their 2 year anniversary and people are going absolutely bonkers about it.

Here’s where you can order yours today. Just pay $12.50 for same day shipping.

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