Chainwars: An Innovative and Community-Focused Play-To-Earn Platform Revolutionize the Gaming Industry


ChainWars, a play-to-earn game with a constantly evolving plot, has announced the beginning of its third phase. ChainWars, one of the most recent and promising GameFi on the blockchain, has already surpassed its alpha phase and achieved many successes.

Along with a successful launch in June 2021, the innovative project partnered with other blockchain developers, launched its native token, Chain Wars Essence ($CWE), and built a thriving community.

Phase Three will debut the staking feature. So, Moonlift is a suitable stake for ChainWars. The GameFi’s staking feature is a brand-new application that will entice users to start hodlers. Those who hold on to their cryptocurrency investments for more than a year are known as hodlers.

In addition, ChainWars has introduced its original gameplay, ChainWars Season, which enables players to compete for the top spot on the leaderboard. Create an account if you’re interested, download the most recent version of the game, and then win matches against other players to move up the leaderboards! The top three players are recognized in CWE when the season ends.

The first season of ChainWars, which ended on August 1, is already over, and the winners have been revealed.

About ChainWars

ChainWars is a blockchain gaming metaverse that offers users a unique gaming plot. A Digital Collectible Card Game (DCCG) created especially for the game and produced as NFTs serves as the primary game.

The game’s main objective is to collect and choose a powerful, varied deck of cards and compete against the best players. Therefore, users must choose wisely and can bolster their deck by buying or earning loot boxes.

Lootboxes are unique items that provide gamers with unique cards that they can use to increase their chances of succeeding in challenges and moving forward in the game. All lootbox rewards are NFTs that can be exchanged for other items on supported marketplaces.

With a cutting-edge play-to-earn galactic warfare game with a developing plot and gameplay examples, ChainWars promises maximum fun with passive-earning possibilities. The game is fascinating, difficult, and extremely exciting. Each participant can select a side to support this situation. Nobody can predict who will win, but you, the player, might hold the key to shifting the balance of power, so being a strong contender depends greatly on how tactical and strategic the player is when choosing their playing deck.

Future Developments

ChainWars is working on broadening its lore and will soon introduce more character lore on its official website. But for now, players can still participate in the game without owning NFTs because blockchain coupling has not yet occurred.

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