Chasyr: A Social Delivery Platform

In a time where social media is mainly about getting followers, likes, and influencing a gained audience for profits, we feel like more purpose could come from it all. We believe most people would agree that there could be more reasons for building social network connections on and offline. One major example is to recreate the gig economy via on demand apps that are blockchain based and peer to peer, but let’s dive into a few things before we get sucked down the future of technology rabbit hole.

Life Changing Applications

Using applications on a phone isn’t so strange as it use to be now that smartphones have been around quite some time. People use on demand apps for ordering food, getting a ride, renting a room, and even dog walking these days, which also helps some people earn a living. There are now financial apps that make sending and receiving money very easy and fun like Venmo, Paypal, CashApp, and even Zelle where bank transfers aren’t a pain to complete. Recently trading apps like Robinhood and Coinbase have even been getting used by the masses because of events like the Reddit WallStreetBets movement for Gamestop stocks and a cute dog meme cryptocurrency Elon Musk likes to tweet about called Dogecoin. These are all apps that definitely make life a little easier for us.

Introducing Chasyr

Some of the above mentioned applications are all relative to the features that our team will be implementing in one single platform (The Chasyr App), with a sole focus on delivery and social network building via peer to peer technology. We will also be introducing a way for our users to earn our very own cryptocurrency token $NAVI for their time and participation in our ecosystem ($NAVI token creation date and details TBA).

Chasyr identifies as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) progressive startup that has been working towards creating major changes in the gig economy since 2017, but are very confident with our most recent pivot in May 2020. Our new and upgraded vision is a simple idea, but will never be accepted by the traditional business model investors who prefer to watch equity gain value because of its fees fees fees methodology. This is why we have never accepted traditional investments and never will. It makes it harder for us, but we know what we are building is for the greater good, and expect our future Chasyr community to be the backbone of the upgraded gig economy we are going to create together. Funded by us together, built, and spread virally throughout the world.

The goal is show people the benefits of P2P technology, while making a better gig economy altogether. Once a good amount of people use our app, it will be unstoppable Tommy Marquez (Chasyr Founder)

Chasyr Goals

Some of our end goals as a progressive DAO startup is to work on a way to not have fees whatsoever for our users when they are ordering coffee, food, retail, groceries, etc. That alone will be a major game changer. Another goal of ours is to not take any fees from users who decide to use our app as someone who picks up and delivers those same items, these people will most likely be current delivery drivers and anyone who likes to earn 100 percent of their earnings in a gig app. Heck, we don’t even want to charge vendors for brining their businesses into the Chasyr Ecosystem, goodbye 30% vendor “partner” fees.

We know that revenue can be found in other method’s and obviously it is a goal of ours to make a profit to be a sustainable app, we just don’t want to do it off the backs of our most valuable asset (our users). Users who will be incentivized to become an expert Chasyr app user to achieve the most benefit from it, while saving and or earning more than they could on any other delivery platform in existence. Making an app that gives over the power to its users, will always go further than a company who always takes full control. This is the kind of effect social networks in a peer to peer setting on a single platform will have. Technology that will bring people together, keep money in the community, and even leave less of a carbon footprint on the world should be all of our goals.

Using The Chasyr App

People now ask for usernames before they ask for phone numbers, apps connect us online to “stay in touch” but does everyone know all 500 or 5000 of their social network connections?

In Chasyr you can start a small customizable “social circle” and start immediately as a shopper or earner and even order from anywhere you want. So let’s give you a small example of this so the big picture could be seen easier after you are done reading this article.

You have 4 friends at work out of maybe 20 co workers and want to make a “Co Worker Circle” or something cooler. You search their usernames and add them. Congrats on creating your first Chasyr Social Circle!


The Coffee Run

You stop at Starbucks on your way to work, in a car, on a bike, sometimes you walk maybe. So you login and select your nearest Starbucks, click on “Co worker Circle” and it notifies your 4 friends at work that you will be at Starbucks in 5 min and at work in 15. They add what they want and send you the funds in just a few clicks. They pay your gratuity or “delivery” rate that you set up for yourself. Hey maybe you just do it for free because you like to participate “play” in Chasyr and don’t need the extra funds that day. You get their stuff with yours and head to work. Mission accomplished. Also for “playing” you have earned some cryptocurrency rewards, because Chasyr sent you some tokens for being an awesome user of the app. Those could be saved in the app, sent to other Chasyr friends for future orders, or exchanged for fiat like USD instantly, it is up to you.

A Well Built Chasyr Circle

Now let’s expand your coworker circle to the full 20 employees that work in the office. You’re already at work and get a notification from Jenny who is walking towards the sandwich shop down the street to pick up something for lunch. Looks like you have a few minutes to send a food request still. Jenny only wants to accept 2 other peoples orders so let’s go!

You click on your last order from the sandwich place thats saved in the app for an extra quick request. Maybe you even send a little extra funds so you get picked faster by Jenny who’s almost to the doors of the sandwich shop and has already approved one food request.

Request Accepted! she confirms your order and thanks you for the extra bucks (or tokens) you sent as well. She brings you your lunch to the break room, you level up in the app for playing, earn some crypto on us, and even find out that Jenny is your CEO. You saved some money from not using another delivery service with random fees, met your boss, and sending extra funds to get picked even paid for Jenny’s sandwich. Having fun yet?

Mic Drop

We could think bigger together into the idea of this and start wondering how neighborhoods, downtown lofts, and even mountain towns with less than a few hundred residents or so could use Chasyr, but we will leave you alone with those thoughts to see what you can come up with. One thing we do want people to imagine since most of our team has worked in the gig space or for its major players all over the world, are the great achievements someone could gain if they built a massive “City Circle” and went online to deliver/buy items for/from their community.

This is why we believe the power of social networks and on demand apps with cryptocurrency incentives are going to be the future, and we cannot wait to lead the way.

Want to join us while we are still creating this all, share your ideas with us, get involved and stay informed? Join today at 

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