“Take A Ride On The Blockchain.” ~Chasyr

Chasyr has announced that it is inviting new drivers to join its ridesharing startup that is being created for the millions of commuters worldwide. Founded by Tommy Marquez, a top performing Uber Driver, it is an early stage ridesharing startup that will use blockchain technology to create a place where users can connect directly in a transparent way while building a public reputation within the brand of Chasyr.

“We are inviting everyone to be a part of this first ever truly self-sustainable ridesharing service in the world.” Said Tommy Marquez, the Founder of this brilliant business model of Chasyr. “Our company is driven by the community and we are introducing a national driver outreach experience with a passion for blockchain technology and the advantages it can bring to the sharing economy.” He added. According to Tommy, Chasyr won’t ever need to have a referral system to attract users who are used to joining a gig economy app because of its new member incentives.

The knowledge of what drivers want and riders need is something creators of a ridesharing company should have, and nobody has this knowledge better than Tommy himself who was known as the ‘Referral King’ during his time promoting for Uber at a national level. During his two years with Uber, he brought a record breaking amount of drivers to them in a very short time.

Followed by his successful run at Uber, Tommy went on to his new venture at Arcade City where he was the unofficial face of the brand and the Outreach director who helped the company in standing up on its feet in Austin, Texas. He spent 5 weeks in Austin and built the brand by using his skills to bond with the local community of drivers, something he is naturally gifted with. Moreover, he has also been involved with the Swarm City project as a major contributor.

Followed by all these successful experiences and experiments, Tommy shifted all his attention to Chasyr the company is using Ethereum’s Blockchain technology to set the company apart from other ridesharing services operating in the nation.

Reputation has always been something most gig economy users would call a rating system. This is where all the 5 star Uber drivers will boast about how awesome they are while showing the passengers how many trips they have done. It never happened before that a passenger got the driving history of a ridesharing driver before even starting the ride. Not only will the passengers be able to see how many successful rides their potential driver has given while driving for Chasyr, but drivers will actually be able to do the same before even choosing to take their request. This allows choice and the motivation to be the best user in the community.

In addition, tokens used in Chasyr will be an experience similar to buying upgrades in game apps that have their own coins. Chasyr will have a type of token that users will need to have to request or give rides. These tokens are a type of cryptocurrency, but specifically made to use in the Meta Platform Swarm City. Swarm City is like the Google Play Store of Blockchain or Twitter 3.0. The coin that they have created is called SWT and currently has a value of $2.50 USD. Early adopters of Chasyr will need to obtain these Swarm City tokens to use the service.

“We love to drive with passengers and without, hang out with friends and talk about cryptocurrency.” Said Tommy while talking about Chasyr. Moreover, there will be no driver bonuses needed in Chasyr due to the fact that this newly created crypto currency will become something much better than the average driver bonus. “Instead of giving a driver a few hundred dollars for wanting to drive under our brand, we will show them how to be a bigger part of Chasyr by teaching them how to obtain SWT so that they have the opportunity to literally hold a piece of the brand in its early stage.” Tommy added.

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