Chiliz (CHZ) Investors Are Worried. They Are Now Turning To This New GameFi Token For Portfolio Recovery

Chiliz (CHZ) investors have had a rough ride in recent weeks as the token’s price has seen a significant drop, leaving many worried about their portfolio recovery. In response, investors are turning their attention to a new GameFi token that has the potential to not only recover their losses but also deliver significant gains.

This new GameFi token is causing a stir in the crypto world and has caught the attention of Chiliz (CHZ) investors who are eager to recover losses from recent market volatility. With the potential to skyrocket in value, many are rushing to get in very early and secure their share of the profits.

In this article, we’ll delve into what sets this new token apart and why it’s quickly becoming a hot topic among savvy investors.

Chiliz (CHZ) Plummets 88.09% Below All-Time High, Leaving Investors Nervous

Chiliz (CHZ) is a well-known cryptocurrency in the sports and entertainment industries. It’s operated by a FinTech company based in Malta and enables customers to create their own sports organisations using Socios, a blockchain-based sports entertainment platform under the umbrella of Chiliz (CHZ).

Investors who put their money in Chiliz (CHZ) are growing increasingly concerned about its future as the token continues to struggle with market stability. According to CoinMarketCap, CHZ’s current price is $0.106, a far cry from its all-time high of $0.8915. Despite a brief period of recovery, CHZ’s value has plummeted by over 14.2% in the past month, dropping from $0.14 to as low as $0.1 in early May.

In search of a better investment opportunity, many CHZ investors are now turning to Pikamoon (PIKA), a promising new GameFi token that offers the potential for explosive returns.

Introducing Pikamoon (PIKA): The P2E Project That Will Create Many Millionaires

Pikamoon is a Play2Earn project that is changing the status quo in the GameFi industry by presenting upgrades and a lucrative investment opportunity for crypto investors.

This P2E game is set in an upgraded version of the metaverse, the Pikaverse, to deliver immersive and rewarding gameplay for gaming enthusiasts. Also, Pikamoon presents a promising investment opportunity to investors in its native token, equipped with numerous use cases for positive price performance.

Pikamoon offers an exciting gaming experience through the Pikaverse, where players can embark on quests and treasure hunts to build their empires and earn in-game cryptocurrency rewards in the form of NFTs, or $PIKA. With a marketplace where players can purchase or sell assets using $PIKA, the token serves as the utility, reward, and purchase token of the Pikamoon project.

With its numerous utilities, $PIKA has the potential to surpass its competitors, dominate the market, and create millionaires in 2023.

Why are Chiliz (CHZ) Investors Turning to Pikamoon ($PIKA) for Portfolio Recovery?

  • Features Technological Upgrades

Pikamoon features outstanding technologies in different areas of the project. First, Pikamoon builds the Pikaverse in Unreal Engine 5, the latest real-time 3D graphics tool for metaverse gaming. This technological upgrade delivers superior immersive gameplay to the delight of Pikamoon Adventure gamers.

Also, Pikamoon Adventure comes in offline and online gaming modes, allowing gamers to keep playing with or without internet access. Gamers also enjoy an edge over other traditional gamers and most P2E games as they get to keep gaming and get rewarded without restrictions.

  • Strategic Industry Partnership

Pikamoon ensures the project and its native token lack any form of backing by striking strategic partnerships with industry leaders to broaden the reach of the Pikamoon community.

These partnerships increase the hype around this GameFi project and its token, steal the spotlight, attract more holders, and draw in crypto whales and savvy investors from other competitors like Chiliz (CHZ).

  • Deflationary Tokenomics with Utilities

Due to the token’s deflationary nature, there’s a gradual reduction in its total supply. This supply reduction creates scarcity when met with rising demand due to the token’s various utilities, resulting in an explosive value increase.

Pikamoon Presale Offers More Than Portfolio Recovery to Early Investors

Pikamoon presale has started making crypto millionaires in 2023. Currently in its second phase, one $PIKA is worth $0.0004, following a 200% increase after the first phase, rewarding early investors with twice the amount they invested.

It’s not too late to invest, as investing in the ongoing second phase of the presale positions you for huge turnovers, with $PIKA expected to increase to $0.0006 by the third and final phase of the presale. That’s not all. Experts have also tipped Pikamoon to deliver as much as 4500% ROI before the end of the year.

Buy $PIKA now to take advantage of this opportunity, as the presale is fast selling out, with investors and whales scrambling to buy the token.

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