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ChronoBank to partner with International People Solutions (IPS)


ChronoBank’s core proposition is that short-term recruitment is lacking in viable, realistic cost-effective solutions. It suggests that the key is increased interconnectedness between professionals and employers.

The sector is ripe for disintermediation, which is what ChronoBank aims to do with its LaborX exchange: connecting individuals with businesses and ensuring quality control and adequate remuneration via a decentralised reputation system. The native unit of payment on the ChronoBank system is the Labour Hour (LH), a crypto token backed by professional work hours.

International People Solutions (IPS)

IPS will partner with ChronoBank to issue LH tokens on their platform — one of several major recruiters and labour-hire organisations to have shown an interest in the project.

The recruitment consultancy specialises in securing employees for international businesses, and has offices in Europe, Asia and Australia. Their experienced and highly-connected staff are committed to fostering long-term partnerships, and have a reputation for going the extra mile to ensure the right results and strong working relationships.

Core to IPS’s culture is a personal touch that focuses on quality over quantity of recruitment. Confidentiality and flexibility are valued, and employees will typically work outside of regular business hours to match the right candidate with the right client.


Despite still being in its crowdfunding phase, ChronoBank is moving rapidly on both the technical and business development fronts. The ChronoBank platform is based on smart contracts protocol Ethereum, but LH tokens will use multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Waves and NEM. Different forms of the ChronoWallet for these blockchains are already at an advanced stage.

ChronoBank has raised over $4 million to date.

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