Cipher Signs $100M Mining Deal, Bitcoin To Hit $160K, BlockDAG Coin’s X10 Miner Tops Mining Calculator Sites

It is crucial to come up with a plan for managing your earnings. This may involve selling the coins you have mined during times when the cryptocurrency market is experiencing significant growth. Upgrading to better mining rigs can help you reduce costs and increase your profits.

There are a bunch of mining rigs in the market, and you should have perfect devices depending on your needs, budget, and requirements. We will discuss the Antminer T21, which is Cipher’s preferred choice for mining Bitcoin (BTC) and BlockDAG’s (BDAG) X10 mining rig, focusing on its ecosystem.

Cipher Mining Secures a Game-Changing $100M Deal

Bitcoin mining firm Cipher Mining has signed a $99.5 million agreement with Bitmain to purchase 37,396 units of Antminer T21 miners. This will enable Cipher to build its first 135 MW at its Black Pearl site and secure the option to acquire an additional 45,706 miners in 2024. The purchase will allow Cipher to lock the price for crypto mining rigs at $14 per terahash and control its biggest potential capital expense ahead of what they believe will be a bull market for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Miners Pocket $10 Billion

Bitcoin miners earned over $10 billion in 2023, adding to the $57 billion they’ve earned over the past 15 years. They earned over $44 million in block rewards despite a 3.55% increase in mining difficulty. In November, BTC miners raised $970 million in venture capital, with Northern Data and Phoenix Group leading the pack. Predictions suggest Bitcoin’s price could go as high as $160k in 2024, with a 160% growth rate this year.


BlockDAG Coin: Mining Wave You Can’t Afford To Stay Away

BlockDAG is planning to launch its mainnet in just six months. With an experienced team and a clear roadmap in place, the project is committed to community-building, which sets it apart and makes it a promising investment opportunity. BlockDAG has already raised $1 million within 24 hours in the live presale. The project has entered the crypto mining market, producing miners such as BlockDAG X10. This efficient entry-level mining device provides 100 MH/s and allows for daily earnings of up to 1250 BDAG. The device is small, energy-efficient, and easy to set up.

Should You Mine in 2024?

Cryptocurrency mining is the best way to earn passive income. When comparing the Antminer T21 and the BlockDAG X10, we cannot overlook that the BDAG X10 is currently fetching four times its original price on eBay, which is very convenient for investors interested in the coin. It is a simple way to maximize the benefits that cryptocurrency mining can offer; just take a flexible approach, conduct constant research, and start mining now.

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