Coinbase launches campaign to educate public on blockchain, Tradecurve to launch traders academy

Education is essential in the cryptocurrency industry, investors need to know what and where they are placing their funds. To improve this aspect, Coinbase has recently launched a new campaign to educate the public about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as a whole.

On another note, the rising presale star Tradecurve will also place education as one of its unique features by launching a metaverse trading academy. Let’s take a closer look at both of these developments.

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Coinbase introduces a new TV campaign

In a forthcoming television ad campaign, Coinbase seeks to alter cryptocurrency’s perception. It’s interesting to note that the advertising campaign will run live in Washington, DC, the home of most US legislators and regulators.

In a recent blog post, the firm described the idea behind its new “Moving America Forward” campaign. Four distinct television spots featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong will kick off the campaign. Some will also appear during commercial breaks of the NBA Finals series. Coinbase has plans for these ads to appear mostly during popular Sunday shows on American TV.

The crypto advertising campaign aims to demonstrate how the digital asset sector may help modernize the financial system. As a result, cryptocurrency is a helpful technology for many different spheres of life, according to Armstrong.

Tradecurve (TCRV) stands out from the online trading crowd

Tradecurve has the potential to become a top three global trading exchange, challenging the likes of Kraken and Coinbase. What will separate Tradecurve from these well-known players is the fact that it merges the best aspects of CEX and DEX to create a hybrid trading platform that brings low trading fees, high liquidity, and access to multiple asset classes.

Those who are just beginning their trading careers may find the sign-up KYC requirements that many traditional platforms employ very lengthy and obtrusive. Tradecurve will eliminate them by allowing users to create an account using an email and linking a crypto wallet to it. This, in turn, will result in an entirely private trading environment where traders will remain anonymous.

Tradecurve will also launch a trading academy where aspiring traders may enroll in a course to learn about trading tactics and methods and hone their trading abilities. This academy will be available in the metaverse, and users from all over the globe may participate, connecting with trading professionals along the way.

These features will be powered by the platform’s utility token, TCRV, which now has a value of only $0.015 and comes with a 25% deposit bonus on each purchase. Since the presale is currently in Stage 3, experts predict that its value could jump by 50x as it picks up steam and 100x when it gets listed on Uniswap or another CEX after its launch.

If you want to obtain governance voting rights and passive income via staking or subscription fee discounts, sign up for the TCRV presale below and purchase this potential blue-chip token for a low price.

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