CoinDeal Enters 13 States in the United States, Launches CDL Token Market


The cryptocurrency community in the United States has another reason to rejoice, as the number of available options to trade just went up with the launch of CoinDeal in the USA. The relatively new platform, CoinDeal is a fully regulated platform having registered with the FINCEN as Money Services Business. In a press statement, the Maltese company, in the interest of full transparency lists its Money Services Business Registration Number as – 31000146609933. The platform already holds a transitional license in Malta awaiting MFSA approval. The platform complies with all the requirements of VFA (virtual financial asset) Class 4 license enabling it to manage assets and funds belonging to users.

CoinDeal is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms, with over 350,000 users in under two years. Given the regulatory hardships surrounding crypto businesses, CoinDeal has been successful in navigating through the maze to offer services of the highest quality at what’s possibly the lowest fees. In order to further enhance the trading experience, CoinDeal has launched its own CDL Token Market, which is now available in 13 different states including Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Users on CoinDeal will be able to trade crypto pairs, viz., ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, XRP/BTC, EOS / BTC, BCH / BTC, DOGE / XRP, BCHSV / BTC, XMR / BTC, USDT / BTC, TUSD / BTC, ZEC / BTC, CDL/BTC, and CDL/USDT. However, it is to be noted that USDT/BTC, TUSD/BTC and CDL/USDT pairs are currently not available in Texas.

The CDL Token

CoinDeal’s CDL token, which is among the list of trading pairs is designed to provide a range of benefits to the platform users. Introduced a few months ago, the token was distributed free of cost to the users and those claiming the tokens were offered early access to multiple features on the platform. Even now, CDL works as an internal exchange token offering additional functionalities to its holders.

CDL makes use of Ethereum blockchain’s Greedy’s Heaviest Observed Subtree (GHOST) protocol, which is capable of faster block generation and transaction processing times, without compromising on the security. The tokens will go live on the market for the first time on Nov 12, 2019, where the 86,000 strong CDL community will have a say in deciding the token’s value.

On CoinDeal, some of the benefits offered to CDL token holders include reduced trading fees, priority customer support, access to advanced trading features and social trading platform, voting rights etc. Further, those staking their CDL tokens stand to receive additional discounts on trading fees. Overall, the CDL community will be instrumental in shaping the future of CoinDeal platform by voting for new feature additions, listing of other cryptocurrencies, expansion to different markets, etc.

Advanced Trading

CoinDeal is more than just a regular cryptocurrency exchange platform. In addition to the standard trading features, it also has an option for a Premium account where users can register and gain access to OTC market for high volume transactions. The OTC feature will allow premium users to close their high-volume trades instantaneously without having to wait for the order books to match against other open trades. Also, with bulk trades, the entire order size will be valued at one price, eliminating the potential for loss due to volatility midway through the transaction.

In order to avail the Premium service, one can register on CoinDeal and complete the KYC process. Once verified, they can purchase the premium service and start placing bulk OTC orders. These orders will be fulfilled within minutes. The OTC trade on CoinDeal is available at 0% commission, and the spread between the purchase price and sale price is fixed at 0.7% with unlimited liquidity provided by partners in the United States.

CoinDeal is also one of the members of the Crypto Valley Association in Switzerland.

More information about the platform is available at-

CoinDeal on Social Media;u=2608398


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