COINLINK.NET trading platform for sale or looking for an investor


Since 2013, a dedicated team from Lebanon, started working on this bitcoin trading platform, and finished the development after a successful hardcore testing on hundreds of users simultaneously and thousands of active users.

The platform was launched with real trading in July 2015 and offered the flexibility for members to trade bitcoins by placing buy or sell limit orders, and accept bitcoin payments in their e-commerce websites as merchants.

The platform only supports USD for trading; however, the company took into consideration the fact that users from different countries would rather deposit funds in their local currencies than in USD, so the platform automatically converts those funds to the users’ USD balance using market exchange rates from the company’s banking partners.

The website is multilingual, so far it is available in English, Russian and Persian, and flexible to add as much languages you want to welcome users from all over the world, including languages that are written from right to left like Arabic and Persian…

COINLINK was offering the following methods for funds deposit:
Credit Card payments (Mastercard, Visa, Amex). Credit card must be verified and debited with random small amounts same as Skrill Company.
SOFORT, specifically for users from EU countries allowing them to pay instantly via bank wire, SOFORT supports Euro, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Polish Zloty, Czek Koruna and Hungarian forint.
Western Union, where payments have to processed by the Administration where administrators can either confirm the payment after checking the MTCN or rejected with a reasonable reason for example, wrong receiver name, or invalid mtcn…

Bank Transfer

Moreover, the company was restricting the Credit Cards, SOFORT, Debit Cards and Bank Transfer only to users who verify their accounts, whilst other users can always use the Western Union method.

The platform is ready to add as many payment methods as you want; also COINLINK was verified with OKPay so developers can add it as another payment method for users.

COINLINK.NET was developed with PHP from scratch using MVC architecture and hosted on a Linux Platform Cloud Servers, also linked to Cloudflare for all kind of hacking (DDOS…). The code was tested in live mode for up to 9 months and couldn’t be broken and never had a bad reputation the entire time. service is integrated in the website for real-time trading live orders.
Market Trade platform that is responsible to manage all users orders, is a .NET expansive solution developed and licensed by a well-known company in the US.
All details of the entire COINLINK solution, licenses, technologies, number of registered or active users, will be provided for serious Buyers.

COINLINK.NET was designed similar to all popular bitcoin trading websites so users can be familiar when they first enter the website. The website is developed with the latest trends of HTML5, CSS3, and javascript libraries, also it is responsive to Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop Screens.

The team behind this website is offering to sell the whole identity, company name, also the shares of COINLINK LTD that was incorporated in the UK by
George Nammour.

The reason of selling this platform is they couldn’t find the right investor for such project in able to have a 24 hours technical and administrative support, a trading license, ad campaigns, and at least not last, the right bank for accepting wire transfers / credit card payments.

Nammour, Managing Director of COINLINK, is an entrepreneur, and owns a digital agency called “L’INTERACTIF” which is based in Beirut, Dubai and London. As a software engineer he was highly attracted to bitcoins in 2013 and immediately started his project by planning the architecture of COINLINK.NET platform with high hopes and trust that bitcoins will spread even more and become more utilized by individuals and businesses.

Finally Nammour said “This website took all the energy and time from my personal life and end up with a reliable, secure and friendly platform that can start growing quickly with the right investor. “

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