CoinMarketCap Earn SAND Brings $400,000 in Rewards

If there is one good thing we should get out of this 2020, it is that ironically thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital adoption grew to levels never seen in previous years, and much of it passes through the crypto ecosystem.

As part of the strategy to spread knowledge about the ecosystem, CoinMarketCap has deployed its product “Learn Crypto, Earn Crypto“, under the slogan of “acquire crypto assets in a fun and low risk way“.

In this opportunity, the leading price index of the cryptomarket, has teamed up with the popular virtual world platform based on Blockchain The Sandbox, so that enthusiasts from both worlds can test their knowledge by watching videos while earning the native $SAND tokens.

In total, there are $400,000 valued in $SAND tokens, the prize to be shared between the CMC Earn program alliance and The Sandbox.

 After watching a set of explanatory videos on the popular gaming platform based on Blockchain technology, users must complete a quiz to be credited with fabulous prizes in native SAND tokens, which can later be used to access The Sandbox, ASSETS purchases within the platform or simply staked and obtaining passive income by keeping them in your portfolio.

In total there are three video lessons that users can enjoy and have fun while learning and earning crypto assets related to the Metaverse The Sandbox.

You can access this link to win your first $SAND tokens!

NFTs: Unlimited Adoption

The search for ‘contactless’ solutions for entertainment was not far behind, and gaming also saw greater growth this year as did many digital solutions based on cryptocurrencies.

Best of all, the combination of both worlds, the crypto + Blockchain, has generated a new movement that attracts a lot of attention, where gamers, artists and crypto enthusiasts have joined: the NFTs.

Initially originated as an artistic experiment, the use of non-fungible tokens focused on decentralized games has been boosted since the appearance of Cryptokitties.

Now the Metaverse has evolved and expanded its borders, becoming a subsector of billions of dollars that grows exponentially with its use and adoption cases: gaming, art, music, real estate, among others.


Its unique and unrepeatable capacity, by having a unique identifier, as well as the intrinsic properties of Blockchain technology “transparency, immutability and traceability”, are some of the benefits that allowed to explore the tokenization of assets of any type, beyond the standards fungibles of traditional tokens.

As if that were not enough, its interoperability capacity has made it possible to overcome the barriers between chains, thus allowing a more global and decentralized economy, at the same time that it allows unequivocal digital ownership of the user or creator of the NFT.

The Sandbox: Successful Use of NFTs

Empowering the user and allowing them to monetize their creations directly without intermediaries, while allowing them complete control over them, are the most notable use cases that NFTs promote within popular platforms from decentralized worlds such as Decentraland or The Sandbox.

As if that were not enough, the fact of owning virtual LANDs and being able to lease them to monetize this space, in addition to having absolute control of the passive income from assets that are created on these territories, are characteristics that are gaining more and more followers, thanks to the power of Blockchain technology, combined with the best of the real world.

While it is not yet easy to count the statistics on the contribution of NFTs to the gaming economy, their increasing inclusion in gaming platforms is increasingly evident, pointing the way to come.

In this sense, platforms such as Animoca Brands, which have sufficient experience and knowledge between both worlds «Blockchain and Gaming», have the probability of greater success in covering this new emerging market niche of NFTs. The Sandbox is a great example of this success.

 About the Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain.

The platform’s native token is SAND, an ERC-20 utility token that is used within the platform for all interactions and transactions in the ecosystem.



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