Coresky Leads An Innovative Path To Crypto Asset Allocation: Recap of Philippines Meetup

Philippines, June 14, 2024– Coresky, in collaboration with 13Desk and Tido Capital, recently organized an engaging meetup for Web3 investors on June 14th for insightful discussions on crypto asset allocation and future investment directions. Notably, the gathering received support from the Global Miranda Miner Group, ICP Hubs Network, and Offchain, adding to the success of the event.

The meetup was highly anticipated and attracted investors, crypto enthusiasts, industry opinion leaders, and media to communicate and discuss the current market environment and investment opportunities within the Web3 field. The atmosphere was very warm, everyone shared their insights and observations on investment trends, from the channels and ways of crypto asset distribution, especially to provide first-hand information on cutting-edge projects for community users, pulling together the information gap between retail investors and investment institutions.

During the event, Jasper, Coresky’s Southeast Asia regional representative, emphasized the importance of retail investors gaining access to primary market investment opportunities, particularly in a bull market. He elaborated on how Coresky’s innovative asset-package product aims to revolutionize crypto asset allocation. Moreover, he shared the development and vision of the Coresky ecosystem in the near future, highlighting its objective to create high-quality investment opportunities for investors to “create high returns with small investment”, and become a platform that gathers projects, investors, influencers and VC in a single platform to achieve information transparency and share benefits. Both the new NFT, which is currently in premint, and the Coresky token, which is already scheduled for release, will carry these missions.

Tido Capital sources also shared with us that the Web3 environment is not a “milking game” for investment institutions and projects, stressing the significance of unity among all stakeholders in the Web3 environment. He emphasized collaboration among investors, KOLs, and communities to collectively shape the future investment direction of investment institutions. He said that he was honored to participate in this meetup, to get ideas from the forefront investors and communities, and to revise the future investment direction of investment institutions, and not to let the building of wealth information become a closed cocoon, but to help the influence of the entire industry and broader far-reaching communication.

Coresky and Tido Capital expressed their long-term commitment to supporting events like 13Desk.

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About Coresky

Coresky – Your best choice for asset allocation!

Coresky represents a pioneering platform for allocation and trading Asset-packaged NFTs. Coresky converts the primary market investment quota limited to venture capital institutions in the crypto market into divisible asset-packaged NFTs that can be allocated to retail investors, and provides good liquidity. By harnessing the economic benefits of allocations, Coresky stimulates user engagement in transactions, simultaneously enhancing liquidity in both the primary and secondary markets for coin rights and the NFT. The projects successfully allocated on Coresky so far are TrendX, Coral Finance, CESS, Kartparty, KIP, LumiTerra, OORT, Atem, Copycat Finance,etc.


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