Coreto Disrupts the Crypto Space by Launching the Alpha Version of the Platform on 12th of April


29th of March, Bucharest]- Coreto has set the global launch date for its Alpha version of the platform to be 12th of April 2021.

Investors, influencers, content creators and traders can now share their knowledge and predictions regarding the crypto space by joining Coreto, a reputation-based, tokenized platform that brings trust into the blockchain world.

The main goal of the platform is to create a safe space with verified information. From beginners to tech-savvy, people can connect and have access to experienced traders with a stable and verified background from which to learn or share information with.

One of Coreto’s main features is the Staking of Opinion Pool (SOOP), which is unique at the moment in the blockchain and crypto space. Whenever a content creator endorses a particular project or executes a price movement analysis and prediction, they will be able to back their analysis and ROI predictions by adding their COR participation to the Stacking of Opinion Pool opened for that particular project. Having “some skin in the game”, will strengthen his opinion in front of the community.

Together with the SOOP, users will be able to access leaderboards generated over time and assess the users by their performance and trust scores. These are the main components in building a reputation based on accurate information from one’s behalf.

The platform will also include gamification – directly related to SOOP – encouraging users to interact, collect badges and generate trustworthy content.

For the moment, more than 1000 pre-registered users expressed their interest to be among the first adopters and testers of the Alpha release. Yet the first batch is limited to 500 users, to ensure qualitative feedback. People can still register to reserve their spot on the waiting list and get notified when the next batch of users will be able to gain access to the platform.

Currently, the Coreto team consists of 10 members who are actively working on the development of the platform, along with two other external teams that provide support in various areas.

‘We are a team of solution-oriented minds with a common purpose: to drive adoption for blockchain technology and help both existing and new crypto users learn faster, and make better informed investment decisions. We believe that improved end to end experience will shape the medium that converts complexity into meaning. Our goal is to educate, as well as to provide means of further exposure. – Iustina Faraon, CEO/CO-Founder Coreto.

Starting April 12th, those who have reserved their Alpha release spot on Coreto’s whitelisting will be able to test the main feature of their platform – Staking of Opinion Pool – which is mainly addressed to the cryptocurrency trading area.

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