Couldn’t Get into the Space ID (ID) ICO on Binance? Avorak AI Intrigues with 33% Bonus Token Offer

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts eagerly awaited the Space ID (ID) Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to launch on Binance Exchange. However, the presale was over within hours, leaving many investors disappointed. If you were one of them, don’t worry! There’s still a chance to invest in Space ID, and even better, with a bonus token offer of 33%. How? Avorak AI, a new player in the crypto market, is offering a presale for Space ID tokens, and it’s not to be missed.

Binance Exchange: Space ID Presale Raises $2.8B

Binance Exchange, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, hosted the Space ID presale, which raised a whopping $2.8 billion. The presale started In March 2023 and ended within hours, disappointing many investors. This was due to the high demand for the Space ID token, a new player in the crypto market with a decentralized platform to provide human-readable names for wallet addresses on different networks like the Binance Smart Chain.

The Space ID ICO was highly anticipated because of the promising potential of the project and the past success of Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which offers similar services on the Ethereum Network.

Space ID (ID) Crypto Explained

Space ID (ID) is a new cryptocurrency that emulates Ethereum Name Service for blockchains other than the Ethereum Chain. Users can register unique names for their complex wallet addresses, making it easier to send transactions. Those unique identifiers, for instance, avorak.bnb, are issued as NFTs and can be sold or auctioned. Some of these unique names fetch high prices in the 10s of thousands.

Avorak AI Presale Offers Huge Profits with a 33% Bonus Token Offer

If you missed the Space ID ICO on Binance, don’t worry. Avorak AI, a new player in the cryptocurrency world, is currently having its presale event. Early buyers can fetch bonuses of up to 33% that go directly into the users’ wallets without vesting.

However, the technology behind the AI-powered platform is so intriguing that the project has already raised more than $500,000 and announced its first exchange listing. Azbit will be one of the first centralized exchanges (CEX) the AVRK token will list on.

Interestingly, Avorak AI is being developed in the Binance Smart Chain and combines AI tech with blockchain to synergize the best of both worlds into powerful chatbots, trading bots, and image-creation tools.


The Space ID ICO on Binance was highly anticipated, and its success is a testament to the project’s potential. However, if you missed the presale, don’t worry. Avorak AI is offering a presale for Space ID tokens with a 33% bonus token offer, giving investors a second chance to invest in this promising project.


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