Covalent Join Forces with Infura, Microsoft and Tencent to Launch Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN)

Vancouver, Nov 15, 2023 — Covalent (CQT) the leading Web3 data indexer with billions of data points in one API and Infura, a major provider of blockchain infrastructure along with Microsoft, Tencent and other industry partners proudly announce a strategic initiative to build the public infrastructure for an improved internet, known as Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN).

Covalent will offer Infura’s developers with unprecedented access to rich and granular verifiable blockchain data across multiple networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and more.

The collaboration around DIN marks a significant milestone in the blockchain industry, where data accessibility and transparency are crucial for the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Infura, known for its reliable and scalable Ethereum and IPFS infrastructure services, has heretofore been a centralized provider. With the launch of DIN, Infura is embarking on the path of progressively decentralizing their RPC layer – with the goal of providing higher throughput, higher performance, and no single point of failure.

Covalent’s specialization in providing structured data, which is important in A.I model training too, delivers infrastructure optimized read-only historical onchain data that will fulfill the demands of Infura’s 450K users.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Comprehensive Data Access: Developers using Infura’s DIN will benefit from Covalent’s comprehensive verifiable blockchain data, enabling them to build more robust and data-driven decentralized applications.
  • Seamless Integration: The integration of Covalent’s API into Infura’s existing suite of services ensures a seamless and efficient experience for developers, removing barriers to entry and accelerating the development cycle.
  • Multichain Support: Infura users will gain access to Covalent’s extensive coverage of over 190+ blockchain networks, enabling them to deploy and manage applications on various decentralized ecosystems.
  • Scalability and Reliability: The combined strength of Infura’s robust infrastructure and Covalent’s scalable data solutions ensures a reliable and high-performance environment for developers to build and deploy blockchain applications.

Commenting on the partnership, Tom Hay, Head of Product at Infura, said, “Covalent has been an essential partner for us because they combine a deep technical knowledge of over 190 blockchains with strong roots in the web3 community – they are a team that are trusted by so many users and protocols, and Infura is one of them. We are excited to have Covalent help us tackle the technical and economic challenges of establishing a progressively decentralizing network.”

Erik Ashdown, Head of Ecosystem at Covalent, added, ‘“While other infrastructure providers are in an arms race to gobble up market share, Infura has gone in a wholly different direction by starting DIN. By working with partners who have already optimized parts of the stack to better serve the developer, this really embodies the ethos of crypto and the phrase “a rising tide raises all ships.”’

About Infura:

Infura, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, offers developers scalable and reliable access to Ethereum and IPFS networks. With a commitment to simplifying the decentralized development process, Infura empowers developers to focus on building innovative applications.


About Covalent:

Covalent provides a unified API to bring full transparency and visibility to assets across all blockchain networks. With comprehensive data solutions, Covalent empowers developers to build powerful, data-driven applications on multiple blockchain ecosystems.


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Niall Yorke,


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