Cpublic Exchange Bringing USD to Cryptocurrency Trading to the Masses


As one of only a handful of licensed USD to crypto exchanges in the world, Cpublic Exchange is gearing up for a massive 2019

(October 3rd, 2018; Los Angeles, CA) Cryptocurrency markets are down, but they certainly aren’t out. Although an ongoing bear market has brought declining digital asset prices along with it, the time for gearing up for the next big cycle in cryptocurrency markets is now. As such, Cpublic Exchange has announced the launch of its USD to crypto exchange as an exclusive onramp for American investors.

Even with all-time lows being posted by most major digital assets, large cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini have posted record quarterly profits. What do they all have in common? They’re fiat onramp exchanges with licensing in the United States.

Cpublic Exchange is joining that illustrious list after receiving green-light permitting in the crypto-friendly state of Wyoming. With regulatory approval secured, Cpublic Exchange is swiftly moving forward with its retail cryptocurrency trading platform that counts rich exchange architecture and a robust trading interface amongst its highlights.

With a development team that’s built exchange infrastructure for Forex, Nasdaq, and crypto exchanges, Cpublic Exchangeisn’t stepping lightly into the exchange industry – instead, it’s crashing the party and showing users that there’s a better way to trade.

Exchanges have a long history of security slip-ups, poor user-interface design, abysmal customer service, and expensive transaction fees.

Cpublic Exchange took a long and hard look at the exchange landscape before setting out to create an exchange that not only surpassed others but created an entirely new experience, leveraging the best in customer-facing features well known in other industries such as hospitality. The result is an exchange that puts its users first – and all with the convenience of having USD to cryptocurrency pairs for the world’s leading digital assets.

The Cpublic Exchange model focuses on four fundamental tenets:

  1. Customer Service: The most important but most overlooked aspect of any successful company. Cpublic Exchange will bring unparalleled customer support that makes the shady days of unresolved Zendesk requests a thing of the past.
  2. Security: Cpublic Exchange uses an advanced security topology that not only conforms to Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSS) but goes several steps further. Advanced encryption, internal access-restrictions enforced through biometric access control, and highly granular permission settings are all standard.
  3. Fiat Support: The retail investors of tomorrow don’t currently own cryptocurrency – they have fiat, and when they enter the market, they’ll need Cpublic Exchange’s USD to crypto onramp.
  4. Liquidity: Cpublic Exchange has tirelessly worked behind the scenes to secure liquidity for the exchange’s launch. Several consortiums have been onboarded as liquidity providers, and the Cpublic Exchange is amassing crypto assets on a daily basis.

By integrating all four of these areas into Wyoming’s first supported digital asset exchange, Cpublic Exchange is coming out swinging. To signal their dedication to providing liquidity out of the gate, the Cpublic team has pre-negotiated liquidity and trading arrangements with 12 consortiums and has been purchasing 20 BTC worth of cryptocurrencies per day for several months.

C-Public Gold ICO

Importantly, the Cpublic Exchange operates using Cpublic Exchange Gold (CPG) token, the exchange’s native utility asset for providing users with discounted fees. By holding and trading with CPG, users will pay substantially less in trading fees, deposit and withdrawal fees, and margin fees.

CPG tokens are currently for sale in the Cpublic Exchange ICO and will remain so until they’ve sold out or the crowdsale ends in late 2018. After the ICO’s end date, the Cpublic Exchange will publicly launch, putting CPG tokens into use as the exchange’s internal monetary unit. Post-ICO, CPG tokens can only be bought on the Cpublic Exchange and will likely trade at a premium owing to the token’s utility within a highly trafficked exchange.

Investors are advised to participate early in the CPG Token Sale to take advantage of discounts and to lock-down ownership in the C-Public Exchange – the future of trading. With physical locations in Los Angeles, New York, Cheyenne, and international locations in Seoul, Jeju Island, and other major cities on the way, the Cpublic Exchange retail experience will be a major draw to new investors when the cryptocurrency market inevitably wakes from its slumber.

To learn more about Cpublic Exchange and Cpublic Exchange Gold (CPG), read the whitepaper or connect with the team at:

  • Website: gold.cpublic.org
  • Address: 3435 Wilshire Blvd, Suite2375, Los Angele, CA 90010
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 213.335.0289
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