Credit Cards & Dozens of Cryptocurrency to be added to Gamecredits

GameCredits Inc., providing innovative blockchain solutions since 2015, recently announced that it has now added credit cards and various crypto currencies to its web wallets. It implies that cryptocurrency GameCredits is no longer a “trader only opportunity”.

How would it bring value to GameCredits cryptocurrency & its users?

The release of GameCredits’ credit card payments in its proprietary payment gateway, is a great step towards promoting widespread adoption of gaming currency. Though GameCredits web wallet, any gamer or even outside investor is able to buy crypto tokens without having to first purchase Bitcoin. This measure is attracting many potential investors as they now have a new way to buy digital currency. Moreover, GameCredits is also accepting popular cryptocurrencies like Monero, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and many more to let users buy GAME more easily.

The Key Features of GameCredits’s New Payment System

Firstly, the amount a user can buy with credit cards is limited to the first purchasing month. After that, all purchase limits are removed. In addition, GameCredits bought via credit cards cannot be withdrawn for two weeks in order to avoid chargebacks. However, the coins can still be used within the video games accepting GAME directly after the purchase.

Sergey Sholom, CEO of GameCredits inc, states they carefully plan all development, and with the launch of credit card purchases, lots of gamers will have an access to GameCredits. With this, GameCredits has also become the first company to introduce blockchain based tokens to a gaming community in such a massive way.

At present, no competitor of GameCredits is using credit card payment system. The company payment gateway is accepting all credit cards based purchases and filling a sell orders on digital asset exchange. GameCredits is providing gamers an easy access to its revolutionary gaming currency and with the inclusion of credit cards payment system and other cryptocurrencies, GameCredits is likely to grow faster in 2017 than others.

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