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Crypto Bull Signals | Get Bigger Gains in Bitcoin Trading – Bexplus

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After largely trading sideways on January, 2019, the total crypto market capitalization has shot up abruptly, rising from $120.91 billion to as high as $126.39 billion a day. Bitcoin surges to nearly $4000, ETH $150, and LTC $47 at the press time. Most crypto coins trend into their green territories, showing an impressive rally. Some believe that the non-stop bull market is coming, while others predict the current bull market would soon come to a screeching halt. No matter it will turn out to be the longest bullish market or soon run its course, let’s see how to catch the best of the bull market and get bigger gains with bitcoin trading.

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For bitcoin believers, they will choose to “hodl” BTC tightly in their hands and wait for it to the moon. But for smart and experienced BTC traders, they will make good use of these bullish trends and maximize the profits. Bitcoin futures trading is the most profitable and popular trading method for sophisticated BTC investors and traders.

Make a greater fortune with BTC futures trading

Similar to futures trading in the traditional financial market, investors are able to bet on the future price of bitcoin, going short or long, and placing leveraged trades. Different from the spot trading, as long as trade BTC contracts in the correct direction (rising or falling), investors can have a chance to earn money.

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Let’s see how to get bigger gains from Bitcoin bull market with only 1 BTC?

Bitcoin futures contracts

Suppose you invest in 1 BTC to go long BTC at the price of $3600, and added with 100x leverage, which means the profit will be amplified 100 times. When BTC price rises to $3900, you can earn 1 BTC ($3900-$3600)/$3600 * 100% = 8 BTC

Bitcoin spot trading

If you buy 1 BTC at the price of $3600, when it goes up to $3900, you can only earn $300 = 0.08 BTC.

As you see, bitcoin futures trading is much more profitable than the spot trades, especially with 100x leverage. But where can investors buy btc futures contracts with 100x leverage?

Popular 100x leverage bitcoin futures exchange – Bexplus

Thousands of futures exchanges emerge in the cryptocurrency market, among which, Bexplus exchange is one of the most reliable and professional one, offering 100x leveraged BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual contracts and recommended by Nasdaq. Bexplus was founded in late 2017 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Now it has also established offices in the U.S., Australia, Russia, Brazil, India, etc., gaining 10 million financing from Hong Kong-based and US-based VC firms.

Now join Bexplus, you can enjoy a 100% deposit bonus activity. The more you deposit in, the more you will get. 10 BTC is the maximum.

Come to join:

bitcoin, cryptocurrency, marketsIt’s much too early to draw such conclusion that it signals the crypto bull market. However, it certainly nice to see green figures and have a chance to earn more BTC in the current bullish run.

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