Crypto Influencer Spotlight Boosts BlockDAG’s Presale to $32.9 Million While Render Slips and XRP Ledger Activity Jumps

BlockDAG‘s presale has captured significant attention in the cryptocurrency community, particularly with the support of well-known influencers like Matthew Perry. The initiative has remarkably raised $32.9 million, selling over 9.7 billion BDAG coins. This impressive growth is largely due to the project’s user-friendly low-code/no-code smart contracts platform, which demystifies blockchain development and opens it up to a broader audience.

Meanwhile, the fluctuating price of Render and the increase in XRP Ledger transactions are influencing market trends, underscoring the escalating interest in BlockDAG’s cutting-edge technology and comprehensive strategic plan.

Price Drop for Render Amid Significant Sales

Recently, the Render (RNDR) token saw its price decrease by over 4%, triggered by a major investor—a “whale”—who sold $3 million worth of tokens. This substantial transaction led to a temporary dip in Render’s price, impacting the broader market.

Investors are keeping a watchful eye on these movements, expecting a potential price rebound as the market stabilizes. Despite the volatility introduced by such significant sales, the optimism around Render remains strong, especially given the continued expansion of the AI sector.

XRP Ledger Sees a Doubling of Transactions

At the same time, transaction activity on the XRP Ledger has sharply risen. The first quarter of 2024 reported a staggering 108% increase in transactions, totaling around 251.39 million. This growth, coupled with a 45% reduction in transaction fees, suggests enhanced network efficiency and growing user engagement. Dominant exchanges like Binance and Bybit continue to lead in XRP trading, highlighting its ongoing significance in the market.

BlockDAG Captures the Limelight with Crypto Influencer Backing, Achieving $32.9 Million in Presale

BlockDAG has quickly risen to prominence in the crypto presale market, bolstered by endorsements from key influencers. Notably, crypto influencer Matthew Perry has reviewed and endorsed BlockDAG, underscoring its significant long-term potential and practical utility. He stressed the project’s advanced technology and detailed roadmap, urging his followers to invest during the presale phase.


BlockDAG’s platform, which utilizes low-code/no-code technology, enables users to effortlessly create smart contracts, meme coins, and NFTs without needing deep coding knowledge. This approachable design has drawn a wide array of crypto investors, fueling the presale’s impressive success. Its drag-and-drop interface and ready-to-use templates simplify blockchain development, broadening its accessibility.

The progress of the presale has been notable. Currently, in Batch 15, the BDAG coin is priced at $0.009, representing an 800% increase from the initial batch. The presale has successfully raised $32.9 million by selling over 9.7 billion BDAG coins, with an additional $2.7 million coming from miner sales. These figures reflect strong investor confidence and BlockDAG’s promising ability to generate significant returns.

Key Takeaways

While the Render price experiences volatility and the XRP Ledger sees increased activity, BlockDAG continues to make significant strides. Its presale achievements highlight the impact of influencer endorsements and the appeal of its innovative platform. As the presale progresses, BlockDAG remains a top contender for those looking to capitalize on cryptocurrency investments.


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