CRYPTO20 Exceeds $35m Raised With 24 Hours To Go


CRYPTO20’s goal is to bring peace-of-mind cryptocurrency investment to mainstream investors. It is an index fund that holds and autonomously rebalances a data science optimized portfolio of the top 20 cryptocurrencies. The fund has recently surpassed the $35m milestone in its ongoing tokensale.

Monday (27/11/2017) saw the CRYPTO20 fund perform its second successful divestment/rebalancing procedure. A period of exceptional growth has led to the total fund value exceeding $35m with a NAV (net asset value) of over $1.15 per token. The token price is currently just $1.1.

The initial three (BTC/LTC/ETH) contribution cryptocurrencies were divested into the top 20 on the 21st of November. The weekly rebalance enforces the 10% component cap and mitigates risk and volatility by ensuring no single asset (and thus source of risk) dominates the fund. This functionality was released several weeks ahead of road-map targets.


Underlying Distribution — (Fund Value (USD) over time)

Actively managed funds have consistently failed to beat the market index despite decades worth of data, billions of dollars and hundreds of analysts at their disposal. When they have, their fees dilute investor returns to less than if they had simply held the index.

The CRYPTO20 tokensale is currently live and concludes on the 30th of November at 00:00 GMT.

A Finished Product Offering Value Now

The fund’s token, C20, is a representation of an investor’s share of the fund, and the fund’s value is equal to the combined value of its assets. CRYPTO20, unlike many of the other offerings in the marketplace today, is a finished product and not a platform.

The CRYPTO20 fund can be tracked in real-time. The live fund portfolio, number of tokens sold, total fund value and the token NAV are available here.

Token-holders are able to liquidate the C20 token for their share of the underlying assets via the smart contract. By going directly to the end-user as a cryptocurrency itself, CRYPTO20 gives investors the ability to sell or exchange their tokens at will. The fund is fully AML/KYC compliant and operates as a registered LLC in the Cayman Islands, a popular fund jurisdiction.

The CRYPTO20 fund mitigates risk and volatility and historically has provided better returns than the market cap leader, bitcoin, alone.

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