CryptoControl launches on ios and android making a “Google News”

CryptoControl introduces its mobile application for iOS and Android devices to provide cryptocurrency industry information at fingertips. Aims to be the “Google News” of crypto-sector.

February 8, 2018: Making the cryptocurrencies more mainstream by creating an All-in-One platform for crypto-related news, CryptoControl is the world’s first crypto-news app available for iOS and Android. The company has recently launched a bug-free app for the general public. With the desktop version already in beta mode, the latest mobile app offers a range of features to the crypto community. CryptoControl intends to be the best and most comprehensive platform for cryptocurrency related news worldwide.

The Background

The crypto market is highly fluctuating and heavily affected by the crypto news cycle. News stories about legislative changes to the ways in which cryptos are governed can lead to a sudden decline or sharp changes in value.

One of the biggest challenges for predicting cryptocurrency price trends and developing a profitable crypto investment strategy is deducing the predictions based on how the news would impact the crypto prices.

The news platform helps traders keep themselves stay updated about the latest market trends, coin news and the way it may affect the crypto prices. CryptoControl provides traders a user-friendly and simplified interface that connects news stories directly to the crypto prices.

The CryptoControl Platform

CryptoControl provides users with a web interface as well as a specialized smartphone app (for IOS and Android). It is a crypto trend-tracking site where users can view the articles about different cryptocurrencies and the chart of the latest price trends or movement.

Using CryptoControl is really simple. It presents a detailed list of digital currencies, sorted by an AI so that users can scroll through to read their desired articles. Its upcoming price chart will allow users link their articles to the changes in price.

Any article that users click to preview, CryptoControl opens it in a new window along with the source website link. Users can easily find the price movement summary displayed next to every crypto link. They can also choose to receive news updates on a daily, hourly or weekly basis.

Steven Enamakel, the Founder of CryptoControl, says:

“The reason why we built this was because we know that news was very important for any crypto-coin. It really can drive the price of a coin up or down and we couldn’t find any good place that would help us understand those trends properly.”

Exclusive Features

CryptoControl presents numerous features to its users, including:

  • A really solid news engine that lets viewers view the articles from over 2000+ sources and find articles on the same topic.
  • Push notifications to keep track of news articles and prices for individual coin.
  • Syncing with exchanges & ERC-20 tokens in the portfolio section, along with the ability to even export the entire portfolio as an excel.
  • Market data for every coin, which includes data from Coinmarketcap and price charts.

How Is CryptoControl Different?

The aspect that makes CryptoControl different from other similar platforms is its Machine learning based ranking algorithm. This algorithm monitors the activity from news articles, groups similar articles together and ranks the most relevant ones higher.  This helps users get the most relevant news they are looking for in a smart & time-efficient manner.

Below is a screenshot of the news algorithm in action:


The portfolio section helps users get the news relevant to the coins present in their portfolio. Users can also sync their portfolio with the exchanges via API keys and wallets. Moreover, they can also see the ERC20 tokens in their Ethereum wallet simply by adding their Ethereum wallet address. CryptoControl lets them track up to 2000 top coins along with their price charts, news articles and portfolio management suggestions.

With CryptoControl, cryptocurrency community members, traders, and enthusiasts can get real-time notifications for any price update or any new article that has been published for a particular coin.

To know more about the platform and gain access to it, you can download the Android and iOS app or visit the beta version of the site at

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