CryptoGames: An In-Depth Review about the casino’s crowd favorite game, Plinko!

As many of you already know, CryptoGames is the most sought-after online casino in the market right now. With its high-class security system and fastest transactions, the casino is winning hearts in a blink! Operating under a Curacao-based organization (MuchGaming B.V), the famous online casino offers various games under one roof. These games are the perfect representation of undying vintage casino favorites. They are easy to understand, play and their payout amounts are enormous!

Dice, Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Plinko, Minesweeper, Video Poker, and Lotto are the eight games you can find in CryptoGames at this very moment. All of them are very diverse, attractive, provably fair, and comes with personalized tutorials.

However, the one game that stood out for us is Plinko. This particular game stole our attention throughout the survey time. And it gave us all the reasons to write a full review about it! So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

What is the game about?

Plinko has been designed to be the most user-friendly “advance betting game” that is suitable for all levels of players. It is curated with mathematical strategies to deliver an inevitable adrenaline rush every single time! Plinko consists of a pegged pyramid and 4 different colors of balls. The rules of the game are pretty straightforward. Here, you have to let go of a ball of your choice from the topmost point of the pegged pyramid and wait for it to prance its way to the bottom. At the bottom, there will be different payout amounts for each color. Once the ball of your choice drops, it is expected to fall into one of the slots at the bottom, determining its payout amount. The excitement starts to build up as soon as the ball is dropped from the top. Although Plinko is a game initially created in the 1980s for a show, it has gradually emerged as a widely known casino game over the years. And now, the game’s simplicity has collected many hearts around the world, especially in Japan.  

How to Get Started!

Before players drop the ball down the pyramid. They must set the amount to bet according to their preference and select the color of the ball they want to play with. You can choose the color of your ball at the top of the Pyramid section. And set your credits using the Min, Max buttons at the bottom section of the pyramid. Players must keep in mind that each of the balls comes with its very own set of multipliers. So, the payout amount will vary depending on the colors of the balls. After you set up the numbers and colors as per your choice, hit the “Drop” button. As soon as you press Drop, the ball will start to bounce its way towards the bottom, falling into a slot that corresponds to a payout amount. Each slot corresponds to a vast range of payouts (From 1100x payout to 0.4x return).

Payout Range and Possibilities:

As mentioned above, every payout will depend strictly on the color of your chosen ball and the slot it will fall into. In terms of auto betting, a loss is defined when any payout under 1 occurs. In contrast, a win is declared for any payout over 1. In case the payout result is 1, it is considered as neither win nor loss. It so doesn’t fall under any particular category. For a further and better understanding of the payout possibilities, take a look at the table down below! Keep in mind that the slots situated at the edge of the pyramid hold a lower chance of hitting while the payouts are unbelievably huge!

Slot number (from left to right)   Target from      Target to         Numbers range

1                                       0                     0                           1

2                                       1                    16                         16

3                                      17                  136                       120

4                                     137                 696                       560

5                                     697                2516                     1820

6                                    2517               6884                     4368

7                                    6885              14892                    8008

8                                   14893             26332                   11440

9                                   26333             39202                   12870

10                                 39203             50642                   11440

11                                 50643             58650                    8008

12                                 58651             63018                   4368

13                                 63019             64838                   1820

14                                 64839             65398                    560

15                                 65399             65518                    120

16                                 65519             65534                     16

17                                 65535             65535                      1

The multipliers for each of the balls are set at the pyramid so you can get a good glance at it before you choose your favorite color!

Currencies you can wager with for Plinko!

For each of its 8 games, CryptoGames has an incredible variety of 9 available cryptocurrencies. So, players can easily use any one of these 9 currencies to play with. Although the currencies have their deposit and withdrawal limits, it is fair to say that the amount is affordable for all users around the globe.

Here are the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts for the currencies:

 Minimum Deposit: 

0.0001 Bitcoin
0.01 Ether
0.01 Litecoin
0.02 Ether Classic
20 Dogecoin
0.01 Monero
0.001 Bitcoin Cash
0.01 Dash
0.02 GAS

And the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC or altcoin equivalent.

Along with these, you can also use the Play Money currency that has been created from scratch by the developers to aid the beginners on their first days! Though it comes off as a beginner’s currency, the game money can be used by any level of players to try out different strategies. Also, to switch between games without a doubt of losing any real money.

The maximum amount of bet is 24,000,000 credits, and the minimum is 10. Note that 10 credits= 10 Play Money.

The Play Money can be accessed and found at the “Faucet” feature if you are beginning your game with 0 currency in your wallet. This feature gives out free coins from time to time and allows you to try all of the games more than once before you want to put your cryptocurrencies at stake. Through the use of play money, both novice and veteran gamblers learn more about the games’ architecture as well as their regulations. The “Faucet” level rises whenever a player places a successful bet or refers CryptoGames to another player. The promotional strategies help the players to win more PlayMoney each and every time by enhancing the Faucet and Rain feature. So, in case you become hesitant to try playing Plinko as your first few games at the casino, this feature will come in handy without a doubt!

House Edge for Plinko:

Unlike any other online casino on the internet today, many have always loved CryptoGames for their shallow and convenient house edges for their games. And so, Plinko offers you the lowest house edges as expected. It has a house edge of 1.72% on average and 4 different ones for each ball.

The Green ball offers 1.63%,
the Red ball offers 1.84%,
the Blue offers 1.52%,
the Yellow offers 1.56%

Registration Process

If you are worried about going through a lengthy procedure of registration to try one game of Plinko, worry no more! Because CryptoGames has got you covered. They have made registration more straightforward than ever. By setting up a unique username, you can enter the premises of the website and explore as much as you want. It is advised that you set up a strong password to make your account secure as soon as you log in with your username.

So, do we recommend playing Plinko?

Undoubtedly YES! The game is a complete package of complexity-free game plans, thrill, and a whole lot of anticipation. It never gets boring once you finally start the game. And with CryptoGames’ fair gaming including Provably Fair Gaming, there is no scope for any player to get cheated. In this way, your chances of winning the game of Plinko is fair and square every single time!

So, we are going to rest our case with our last suggestion. Stop waiting for another review and go check out the most incredible game at the best online casino served hot on your screen today!


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