Cryptology Launches Passive Income Product

As the Decentralized Finance sector (DeFi) continues to grow, everyone is looking for ways to take advantage of the massive APYs promised by these investment products like liquidity mining and yield farming. However, while DeFi has provided massive returns to savvy crypto investors, it is a difficult world to navigate which is why companies are now offering easier and safer options.

Cryptology, an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform providing an all-in-one solution for retail and professional traders, has recently launched a new passive income product – Cryptology Earn – allowing investors to earn passive gains on multiple cryptocurrencies and even stablecoins.

Users of the Cryptology exchange can easily buy digital assets with their credit cards and begin earning yield immediately, watching their investment grow every day. They can also choose to reinvest or withdraw their profit at any time.

Users can earn up to 15% per year on stablecoins like USDT, DAI, and USDC and 8% on Bitcoin, making Cryptology’s rates some of the highest in the market in and outside of the cryptosphere. Not to mention that all deposits made with a credit card are completely free of charge.

About Cryptology

Cryptology is the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange offering traders an all-in-one suite of comprehensive and professional trading tools to maximize their profits. The configuration of the trading platform and mobile app is straightforward and efficient, giving the traders a single point of access to global financial markets.

– Futures trading
– Leverage up to x100
– Professional trading tools
– International support 24/7
– Intuitive mobile app for Android and iOS


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