CryptoPing Launches Subscription Based Signal Bot Service

With over a 1000 tradeable altcoins now on the market, it becomes harder to track and monitor every single one. A pump and dump move can happen quickly and without proper warning, most will never have a chance to participate in the move. This problem has been solved by CryptoPing with their innovative Signal Bot service for Telegram. Now, they are continuing their planned roadmap with the addition of a subscription based service.

What is CryptoPing?

CryptoPing is a signal bot that indicates when specific trading thresholds have been broken a host of cryptocoins. The bot’s algorithm has been extensively tested and verified with continuous use since its ICO on May 25, 2017 when 4727 investors invested 1000.02 BTC.

Their whitepaper shows that they hope to develop into more than just a signal bot, but rather a full-fledged trading platform integrating neural networks and other trading technologies.


What are the new features in the subscription service?

Now with the launch of the service, priced at 0.01 BTC a month in PING (approx. $20 at publication), CryptoPing will offer its users a host of new features such as adjusting frequency of signals and coin filtering. Many filtering options will be included to allow whitelisting/blacklisting coins, selecting coin signals according to daily volume, market cap, ICO thresholds and coin mineability.

In addition, access to previously introduced services, viewing the analysis of signals and ability to choosing exchanges inputs for analysis, is available.

Now, for those who are already receiving updates on Telegram, but aren’t paying for the service, the bot will continue to function, but the signals will occur less frequently and will include all the exchanges.

PING tokens will now be burned at a rate of 75% of subscription fees for the first 6 months and then 25% of fees for a year after that. The reason being is to keep the price of the coin elevated and control supply, thus preserving the investment value of early investors and ensuring market stability. Ping tokens are available now on Cryptopia and YoBit exchanges. More detailed information can be found on their subscription page.

The Future

 Now after implementing this major service, CryptoPing will shift towards improving its signal generating algorithm and creating new features for subscribed users.


ICO page:


Subscription FAQ:


Bot FAQ:


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