CryptoUnity: Focused on Bringing Crypto to Beginners

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to grow, there’s a growing need for an exchange that caters specifically to beginners. That’s where CryptoUnity comes in. Based in Slovenia, this new exchange is focused on making crypto trading easy and accessible for everyone.

Currently, in the midst of an ICO, CryptoUnity has already raised over a million euros. Their last presale the world one started on February 18th and will last until May 22nd, with 3 more local presales successfully closed in the past. The project has already gained some important endorsements, including a spot in Binance’s feed top 5 trust score projects and snatching a big tech company as a partner – Lenovo.

CryptoUnity’s commitment to security is one of the standout features of the platform. They have undergone a CertiK audit, which provides users with assurance that the platform has been thoroughly tested for security vulnerabilities. Additionally, the core team has undergone CertiK KYC, where they obtained a KYC golden badge, which ensures that the team members are who they say they are.


One unique aspect of CryptoUnity is its approach to holding funds. The platform will be the first CEX not to hold funds, providing an added layer of security for users with the use of a highly regulated custodian to do it instead of them. This means that users’ funds are completely separated from the funds of the project and cannot be impacted by anything. In addition, the exchange will have a cold wallet implemented, making it the first CEX to do so, further enhancing its security measures and giving its users that magic of decentralization – your keys, your coins.

CryptoUnity’s focus on beginners is another aspect that sets it apart from other exchanges. With the belief that everyone should have access to the world of cryptocurrencies, CryptoUnity is committed to providing an easy-to-use platform with a focus on education and support. The team believes in education as the foundation for any successful crypto journey and offers workshops to help users understand their platform and crypto – hoping to build a bridge for newcomers entering the crypto world. The exchange offers a range of features to cater to beginners, including a simplified exchange experience, a portfolio tracker, a wallet, a cold wallet, etc. with the beauty being in having it all-in-one app and not in more places.

It’s worth noting that CryptoUnity is registered in Slovenia and plans to comply with all relevant regulations. This is important as mass adoption of cryptocurrency is on the horizon and regulations are becoming increasingly important, especially with MICA being confirmed officially.

While CryptoUnity’s exchange is not yet live, the project shows promise for being a game-changer in the world of cryptocurrency. By focusing on beginners and prioritizing security and education, CryptoUnity could be the perfect gateway for new users looking to enter the world of crypto. With the growing need for mass adoption of cryptocurrency, exchanges like CryptoUnity will likely become more and more important in the years to come. If you like what you read, make sure to check them out at and support them on their ongoing presale, which ends in less than a month, if you believe this is something that the crypto world needs.

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