“Current exchanges charge way too high fees for their services”: An interview with the VFIN team

The announcement of VFIN has shaken the crypto exchange market, sparking the interest of many investors. The platform does not only offer common trading features and options, packed inside a modern and appealing UI, but also offers several unique features that are not found on current crypto exchanges. These include AI trading, NFT trading, gamification programs and interaction possibilities, to name a few. Advanced tutorials for beginners and pros alike, plus numerous trading and financing services, which are yet to be found on other platforms, complement the VFIN exchange, making it an interesting player in the scene. Among other changes VFIN introduces is the innovative approach towards trading fees that are considered too high by many exchange users today.

What is the biggest problem of current crypto exchanges?

Crypto exchanges, even though they have come a long way, have numerous problems. The issues they face include low security and liquidity, a complicated user experience with outdated designs and high fees, to name only a few.

One of the biggest problems is the high fees for deposits, transactions and withdrawals. These can go as high as 4% per deposit made in fiat depending on the payment method, then have an additional fee on every trade, followed by another withdrawal fee in the end – all of these can ramp up considerably, putting the break-even point for traders even further.

How is the VFIN exchange different?

VFIN is being developed with the current issues of exchanges in mind and with the goal of fixing or improving many of the existing problems. Our goal is to offer our service for the best and cheapest price possible to make transactions as appealing and as easy as possible for the users of our platform. We want investors and traders to be able to enjoy as much of their money as possible. In addition, investors who have obtained our tokens will benefit from all fees and subscriptions of the exchange, as they receive a 30% share of them.

Many of our services are free of charge, or freemium, where you can use a basic service for free and unlock advanced features with monthly payments. In addition, we offer many interaction and gamification opportunities that allow users to obtain rewards and other benefits on our trading platform, lowering fees and costs even further. We are implementing a social trading experience – a concept that has shown great success on other platforms, such as eToro, but is not employed by any crypto exchange yet.

In addition, VFIN prides itself on its security. We are going to employ external, independent audits and store a big part of users’ funds in cold storage, drastically minimizing the dangers of hacker attacks.

In addition, the VFIN exchange will offer a huge area of tutorials and help for both inexperienced and experienced traders, with useful information, videos, and rewards for watching. This is a good reason to check the academy out, and a fun way to earn some awards, while at the same time obtaining trading experience in the process.

What is the current status of the project and its development?

Both 2024 and 2025 will be critical years for the VFIN exchange and our team. We will start to unfold the first development phase after many years of careful planning and preparation. The first big step that awaits us will be our upcoming token sale, which will provide the necessary funding for the development of the VFIN exchange. The VFIN token will give the token holders a share of all subscription and trading fees that our platform collects.

For 2025, we have planned to launch our first version of the VFIN exchange. We have already done a lot of work on the design and the technical planning phase, so that we are well-prepared and ready to initiate the project within a year after the fundraising round.


The VFIN exchange is a new project that will soon start its fundraising round. The platform will offer several unique features – shares of fees, gamification, awards and user interaction, along with many other features and a special layers of security. The goal is to elevate the traditional crypto trading and investing experience to new heights, while ensuring a fun and transparent environment for users and investors.

To learn more about the VFIN project and its vision for the cryptocurrency market, make sure to visit the project’s website and read the white paper, which provides in-depth information about the scope of functionalities of the exchange: www.vfin.tech


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