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Cyborg Legends Is Gathering RPG And NFT Fans In The Same Universe

Since gaming began role playing games (RPGs) have been popular throughout the gaming community. They’ve been created by huge development teams as well as niche indie creators, appealing to mass audiences and even being turned into TV shows. Now a new project is looking to mix RPGs with NFTs in a single universe. Cyborg Legends combines classic RPG gameplay with a 3v3 Arena AutoBattler to bring gamers action packed, team based combat. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which eight races fight for survival. These races are High Elves, Humans, Treants, Dwarves, Demons, Dark Elves, Orcs and the Undead. And to survive the new world, each has turned themselves into cyborgs.

Gamers can choose two different ways to play. They can venture out on expeditions with their characters and fight against NPCs whilst exploring new worlds and monsters. During these expeditions players can earn CYBL tokens and find mystery box fragments. They will also level up their characters and have several skill routes to go down. Alternatively, gamers can also choose to fight other players in PvP battles. These 3v3 arenas will put all characters on a level playing field by removing their levels, thus letting their skills determine the success of the battle. Rewards such as CYBL and NFTs will also be earned during PvP gameplay.


Cyborg Legends is completely free to play and provides gamers with several lucrative ways to generate an income. To begin, players are given three shadow characters. These characters can be customized using shadow stones, giving players a taste of the customization options to come. As they play, they will pick up mystery box fragments. Once 100 have been collected, players can use them to open a mystery box. In the box, players will unlock one of over 10 million NFT customizations.

As well as having customizable physical features, players can also build their characters based on the way they play. There are 4 skill slots available, (clan, passive, active, ascended), each with its own pool of skills. This means it will be extremely rare for two characters to ever be the same.

Character development and in particular character levels play an important role during expeditions, in which higher-level characters can fight more difficult monsters. However, due to levels being equal in PvP gameplay, these stats are only relevant during expeditions. If players don’t have the time to play, they can also rent out their characters to other gamers. During this time period they will generate a passive income, which will be agreed upon prior to the rental.

With so much potential and the market in need of great games, Cyborg Legends may become the game we need to unite RPG and NFT fans in one universe.

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