DAPS Coin Now Available With InstaSwap Technology

The most convenient way to swap your crypto keeping your privacy intact. That is a perfect match when you put DAPS coin and InstaSwap together. The two projects are working together to bring an easier and faster way to users to exchange their cryptocurrencies to DAPS or vice versa instead of using a traditional cryptocurrency exchange. Most of the time exchanging crypto to crypto no KYC is necessary but when using fiat you have to pass the KYC procedure using InstaSwap. More can be found in the FAQ section.

InstaSwap is one of the most outstanding instant exchange platforms that have gained trust over thousands of users globally and DAPS coin is hoping to make user access to the privacy coin easier with partnerships like InstaSwap that share the same values.

InstaSwap is a non-custodial, cross-chain next-generation exchange platform. InstaSwap is being operated by the company AltEx Fintech Ltd., duly organized under the laws of Seychelles with certificate number 215309. InstaSwap’s team mission is to offer to our users Simple, Fast & Secure exchanges on a robust platform. As a privacy-focused platform, your personal data are safe and never shared. Keeping your anonymity intact.

Thanks to the integration partner, MoonPay, InstaSwap’s users in Europe, the UK, South Africa, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, United States of America and Canada can purchase Crypto with Credit Cards and Apple Pay!


DAPS is a hybrid privacy blockchain, which provides enhanced security, scalability along with 100% privacy. DAPS protocol creates a fully anonymous staking coin with a Trustless governance structure. This is the first of its kind in the crypto industry. You can run masternodes, staking and do mining to receive passive income. DAPS is a non-ICO community-driven project that started Q1 of 2018.

Find DAPS at: https://officialdapscoin.com/
Find Instaswap at: https://instaswap.io/

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