Darcrus: Decentralizing the Business World


Blockchain technology can improve outdated business models and structures by bringing transparency, immutability and decentralization into the mix. However, blockchain is a new and “experimental” technology and transitioning into a distributed ledger based system can be an hassle, especially with the lack of specialist in the field. This is about to change, however, thanks to Darcrus, a blockchain-based project that focuses on providing top grade decentralized applications (dapps) that can help companies plug-into the new digital revolution.

The Darcrus project is based on the DAR token, a crypto asset issued on the NXT platform until Waves platform and its decentralized asset exchange are fully operational. There is the possibility that the Darcrus token will start on the Waves platform instantly after the crowdfunding campagin ends. This token will allow its holders to receive rewards via distribution through a Proof of Holding system. “Proof of Holding will use different ways to provide staking rewards, it is akin to Dash (and other) masternode payments“.  The reward system can be based on a buyback program on an exchange or disbursement via the NXT’s & Waves’ native systems.

The rewards for DAR token holders will come, not only from the profit generated from the sales of Darcrus software and consultancy services for companies that use their decentralized applications, but also from the SIGFARM mining operations, a project led by the founder of Dracrus and Sigwo technologies, Steven Grove.

In order to create the best possible reward system for token holders, Dracrus will provide software for companies that are looking to enter the world of decentralization. The first piece of software created is called dAppsheet, a decentralized application (dapp) that gives companies an edge in data management and security. This dapp can duplicate the infrastructure of a company onto a blockchain-based system, allowing the company to customize almost any tracking, billing, or service desk application to better serve their needs

dAppsheet can replace the outdated SQL server structure, that currently takes up more time and effort than needed with real-time streaming replication, servers, IT support, and expensive disaster recovery/COOP planning. In the dAppsheet system, each local office acts as a disaster recovery for other offices, allowing an additional offsite storage system to be kept by an offsite secure node for extra safety or to meet regulatory demands, although this is optional.

The information stored in this nodes (including offsite nodes) is immutable, meaning that no one, not even company employees (IT administrator, supervisor, or CEO) can change the data in a company’s dapp, when created using the dAppsheet technology. This ensures safety and provides transparency by allowing data to be saved through a blockchain transaction.

The best part about dAppsheet and Darcrus in general is that companies do not require any type of special knowledge or resources to make this transition, since the Darcrus team will provide consultancy services for companies looking to implement this solution.

The release of the dAppsheet application is scheduled for May 2017, but anyone can be a part of the Darcrus community by joining the crowdfunding initiative that will start later this month, known as Initial Coin Offering or ICO. The Darcrus Initial Coin Offering period will start on the 21st of November and will last for three weeks. Early investors will benefit from a 50% bonus on the first day, which will decrease continuously during the course of the ICO. You can join Darcrus community bounty programs and follow the latest news through Slack or forum.

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