Decentraweb is Leading the Permissionless Domain Name Registration Era

Kalamaja, Tallinn, Estonia (November, 2021) The leadership of Decentraweb is pleased to invite the general public to participate in permissionless registration of domain names.

There have been changes in the internet framework that one would have deemed unfathomable about a decade ago. But thanks to the relatively new but continuous integration of blockchain technology into the internet’s architecture, everything suddenly seemed so achievable. And Decentraweb is set to achieve the “previously unfathomable” with its new solution and structure.

Decentraweb is one of the few companies with a blueprint to decentralize the internet, albeit from the Domain Name System (DNS) layer, Top-level Domains (TLDs). Prior, the issuance of domain names was under the sole supervision and control of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN. But the framework was ridden with many complexities, somewhat secret regulations and modes of operation, unfair policies, and very expensive.

(A casual glance at Decentraweb’s homepage)

Intending buyers of TLDs had to accompany their application with a sum of about $200,000. And this did not guarantee its issuance. Worse still, if two buyers desired the same TLD, bidding would be staged with the price capable of climbing as high as two times the initial application fee.

Simplifying the Complexities of TLD Issuance

The majority of non-adopters of blockchain technology find it pretty complex and think it may affect the product into which it was integrated. Decentraweb, however, has been able to incorporate blockchain technology into the DNS layer of the internet while also keeping the whole thing lightweight .

The result of the interweaving blockchain with DNS is decentralized, more secure, permissionless, scalable, permanent, and easily transferable custom TLDs. These characteristics are possible because each custom TLD is built on the Ethereum ecosystem, which is one of the most interactive and widely used at the moment.

Contrary to the $25,000 annual renewal fees of Top-level Domains ICANN charge, renewal with Decentraweb stands at just 0.4% of ICANN’s. This is in addition to the perk of owning a custom TLD minted as an ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT) that can be traded on any Ethereum-based marketplace like OpenSea.

Who is Invited?

1.    Corporations and Businesses

Customized TLDs for businesses and corporations may add to the overall positive perception of the establishment by its customers. Instead of sticking with the generic .com, .org, or .net, businesses can use the name of their businesses. As long as it hasn’t been registered before. Possible custom TLDs for corporations include .microsoft and .amazon.

2.    Individuals

Individuals can buy and register their names or a preferred keyword as TLDs. After which, they can choose to lease it out for subdomains. This is particularly useful for professionals whose names are already taken as subdomains and find it hard to get a personal website. They can apply for a custom TLD, thereby unlocking a previously locked cache of opportunities.

The invitation isn’t limited to the classes mentioned above. Anyone who fancies the future Decentraweb is trying to build is invited. And those who yearn for a decentralized web, privacy enthusiasts, and freedom seekers.

How to Get Started

Decentraweb has made the processes associated with registering custom domains easy and permissionless, with an intuitive and interactive interface to guide users who are not yet crypto-savvy.

  1. Search for the intended keyword or name of the desired custom TLD for availability sake.
  2. Choose the desired length of the registration period and pay what is displayed. Users get a 50% discount when they pay in DWEB tokens (Decentraweb’s native token).
  3. After that, users receive the minted customized TLD in their wallet of choice.
  4. They can either choose to hold for when its valuation increases, use, or trade them. Alternatively, owners of these new TLDs can decide to sell or rent out the subdomains of these TLDs. The choice is entirely the user’s and not influenced by Decentraweb.

About Decentraweb

Decentraweb is a TLD issuing platform whose framework and substructure are built around NFT and DNS. Developed on the Ethereum network, Decentraweb rewards users for buying, staking and trading their minted TLDs. The platform is user-friendly, intuitive, and interactive; catering to both crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts.

They seek to provide inexpensive, secure, custom, scalable, permanent but transferable TLDs for their users. Decentraweb is backed by a team of experts who are industry leaders of their respective fields; one of which is a former GoDaddy CTO.

Media Contact

Address: Kalamaja, Tallinn, Estonia




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