Decoin Exchange Dawns in a New Era in Crypto Trading with Exclusive Revenue Sharing Model


Decoin exchange guarantees safe, authentic, fair and highly profitable trading opportunity with its unique revolutionary revenue-sharing business model.

A breath of relief for crypto traders and investors apprehensive about exchanges amid the gory reports of fake trading volumes. Rising crypto exchange Decoin has assured most authentic reports on trading volume and fair trading opportunities for traders with its exclusive “revenue-sharing” model. Based on independent PoS blockchain, Decoin is a breakthrough revenue-sharing regulated exchange which has announced to share a portion of its revenues with its traders.

Decoin has its own cryptocurrency by the name of “DTEP”.

As per Decoin’s revenue sharing program, up to 20% of revenues will be given back to the DTEP coin holders who have registered or will register with the exchange. As a crypto exchange, Decoin’s revenues are derived from:

Transaction Fee X Volume = Revenues

“Unlike many other crypto exchanges, we DO NOT manipulate. More precisely, we CAN’T manipulate. With profit, one can decide to increase expenses (pay higher salaries), erasing the profit. But revenues can’t be manipulated”, stated Shay Perry, the CEO of Decoin.

According to his statements, Decoin’s revenue-sharing business model carries an in-built safeguard which also self-regulates the exchange itself. This exclusive business model eliminates the incentive to fake volume data, much to the safety and convenience of traders.

“We know a lot of exchanges have been faking about trading volumes for long. It’s a sheer injustice to innocent traders. We respect and value our traders and consider them to be a part of our family. Our revenue-sharing model is the strong testimony to our authenticity- something which is not always viable with many other crypto exchanges today.”

As Decoin shares revenues with its coin holders, the exchange is incentivized not to lie about its true volume. If it lies, it would have to share a higher percentage of its revenues with customers which will eventually prevent it from raking profits.

“If we lie about our trading volume, it will only stop us from making profits. We are certainly not here to count losses but to share whatever we can gather with our traders. You can bank on us as your most trusted crypto exchange.”

Decoin also extends 6.2% annual staking rewards to all users who put their DTEP in their wallet in staking mode.

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