Deep Quant becomes Binance Broker Partner


Software company collaborates with the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange to bring automated trading to the mainstream

Moscow, 15 October 2020: Deep Quant, a Russian software company specialising in algorithmic trading of cryptocurrencies, has been accepted into the Broker Program of Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange. The company launched its flagship product, the Deep Quant crypto trading software, in 2019 after years of research, and 3 years of returns which outperformed all major indexes. Deep Quant is a fully managed, 1-click cloud solution that is ready to trade out-of-the-box. Designed specifically for use with Binance, the software is aimed at a diverse audience including traditional investors, novice traders and the crypto-curious. “To trade crypto safety and profitably, you would normally need a lot of money, technical and trading expertise”, said founder Alexandr Denisov. “Our software makes crypto trading accessible to absolutely anyone”.

An outstanding global partner

The partnership with Binance enables Deep Quant to offer its users fast access to the most liquid markets. As the most respected cryptocurrency exchange with competitive fees and an API a valuable source of data, Binance is the ideal platform for Deep Quant.

Traders who connect Deep Quant to their Binance account will have full control over the software’s activity, and over their portfolio at all times, and can be confident in the Deep Quant company’s status as a verified Binance corporate account holder.

Delivering performance with simplicity

Deep Quant is an automated smart trading software with a profitable track record in the most challenging market conditions that often defy conventional investment wisdom.”

The algorithmic trading strategy that powers Deep Quant was created in 2017 and has been successfully backtested and profitably traded for over 3 years, including a 39% return since the beginning of 2020. Deep Quant employs a proprietary algorithm based on mean reversion strategies to identify and execute spot market trades. The model automatically adapts to the current market situation while referring to analysis of 10 years of Bitcoin market data. This further minimises risk by removing the need to retrain in various market situations, including periods of exceptional growth or decline in price.


Cryptocurrency pairs are 24/7 markets that demand exceptional risk management, but also offer an unparalleled number of opportunities that are currently only accessible to the few. The Deep Quant software enables anyone – with minimal technical, trading or crypto expertise – to invest intelligently in the financial world’s most dynamic assets while minimising risk.

Investors can enjoy stress-free trading in the most volatile of markets, eliminating human error while exploiting the many attractive trading setups that Bitcoin and other coins produce. Transparency is an essential element of the product, with simple access to past results and tracking of current trades. Deep Quant is free for portfolios of up to $500 and features a profit-based commission model for portfolios above $500, including custom fee structures for high-value accounts.

Deep Quant team

Deep Quant is the brainchild of company founders Alexandr Denisov and Tim Ziyatdinov. Denisov is a software engineer since 2000 with extensive experience of complex projects with the likes of Oracle and SAP. He has managed teams over 50 and has led the development of mobile data centers, P2P lending solutions as well as supplying the software behind a range of crypto enterprises including exchanges, arbitrage trading and mining pools. Ziyatdinov has a background in machine learning, which he has since applied to the design of trading algorithms related to market-making, arbitrage and decentralised exchanges. “We are delighted to partner with the best cryptocurrency exchange,” Ziyatdinov said. “Deep Quant is a reliable,1-click solution that’s ideal for investors who are new to this space, and there isn’t a better place to try it out for free, than on Binance. As a Binance Broker Partner, our mission is to make crypto trading accessible to everyone, not just the super-rich.

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