DeFi Protocol “DUCATO” Is Listed on Bithumb Global


DUCATO“, a Delio’s DeFi project protocol is listed on the Bithumb Global exchange.

DUCATO, a governance token issued by Delio for the DeFi project, is a hybrid DeFi model, combined with a centralized Delio’s service to solve its liquidity and scalability issues.

With Delio’s CeFi technology (Centralized Finance), DeFi’s biggest challenges ‘liquidity and scalability’ issues have been complemented.

DUCATO builds a hybrid DeFi ecosystem through its own lending, deposit, wallet and liquidity services within Delio’s virtual asset ecosystem, making it easy to issue synthetic assets and use derivatives. DUCATO tokens are used for virtual asset lending, deposits, swaps, Yield farming and so on.

“With the listing on Bitumb Global, we are planning to quickly expand our business in the Korea’s virtual asset market. We will try our best to make it a global token through collaboration with major domestic and foreign exchanges.”  a DUCATO official said.

DUCATO is currently listed on Bittrex and Uniswap exchanges as well.

Learn About Ducato DeFi 2.0 Protocol

Ducato protocol is a state-of-the-art solution that aims to solve most of the challenges that have rocked the existing DeFi protocol, ranging from lack of liquidity, and slow settlement time due to over-reliance on the Ethereum network. Ducato provides a hybrid DeFi and CeFi platform that allows users to dip into the traditional market, gaining access to deep liquidity.

Consequently, Ducato serves the ever-growing population in the traditional lending space, by bringing DeFi solutions to them, providing them with a wide range of assets that can be used as collateral. By reaching a partnership with Delio, Ducato will be able to tap into deep liquidity in the centralized market.

The protocol allows borrowers to use traditional assets like gold, real estate, and other hard assets as collateral, creating a robust playing ground for traditional lenders and borrowers to get involved in secured, decentralized lending space powered by blockchain technology. Ducato’s protocol provides a win-win scenario for both decentralized and centralized finance, bringing them together in a seamless manner.

About Ducato and Delio

Delio Group is a Korean-based company, a global CeFi lending service provider who will be providing Ducato’s platform with liquidity. Delio is the leading provider of CeFi lending services through the Bithumb exchange and other rental services.

The Korean CeFi provider features a digital asset loan with the Bithumb exchange wallet while member’s digital asset collateral remains on the exchange, not necessarily transferring them to Delio, a rental agency. Additionally, members could interact with both platforms without having to complete KYC separately on both platforms.

DucatoDeFi 2.0 protocol is made possible through a partnership with Delio, a global liquidity provider. Delio continues to expand its reach through several partnerships by launching Delio Cloud, a platform where exchanges, wallets, protocols, and platforms can easily build digital asset DPI services.

These developments have enabled Delio to attract Series A investments from Ernest Ventures and Kingco Investment Partners in March in recognition of its growth potential and are expanding its base through strategic partnerships with leading exchanges and global blockchain companies.

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