DeFiScale Presents Newest Addition to Its Portfolio – FinBet

DeFiScale’s newest investment venture launched on the 18th of August 2021, entering a new and rapidly emerging sector. FinBet is the newest operator of entertainment service in the crypto world that allows predicting the behaviour of an asset in a chosen time frame.

FinBet introduces a unique and attractive product to the market by combining what’s best from financial, gambling and crypto markets, with great technology and a secure and visually appealing platform. FinBet is the first such licensed platform that offers betting on assets also known from the financial market, operating in crypto.

FinBet is an in-house developed platform that allows users to place bets in the UP or DOWN system – predicting the wagering of the prices of assets against fixed odds (increase or decrease in price) in a chosen time frame. The platform is available on web and mobile versions where users can bet on a range of assets among Forex, indices, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies. This makes FinBet attractive to users from financial, gambling, crypto worlds and more!

FinBet also has its own native token – CFB – which allows token holders to benefit from various bonuses and special offers on the FinBet platform.

FinBet’s profitable business model follows a new and interesting form of the entertainment allowing players from the financial market to use their experience and knowledge in a different environment, while for players from the gambling market it’s an opportunity to get to know the financial markets and explore a new possibility of making a profit. FinBet uses the crypto environment only to process deposits and withdrawals; its business model remains stable and operational irrespective of the dynamics of cryptocurrency price fluctuations. On the contrary, it provides a platform allowing them to bet on their volatility, too.

The decisive factor in DeFiScale’s decision to join FinBet project was that similar platforms in the traditional financial market have proved to be highly profitable to their operators. Q3 plans for FinBet include integration of MetaMask and Binance Smart Chain as well as the introduction of CFB token utility features and token burning plan.

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DeFiScale is an innovative decentralized investment pool – it offers its users multiple staking opportunities with daily fixed rewards, and generates profits by investing in selected gambling and financial projects. Ownership of DFC token allows participation in the success of this venture.

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