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Digitex Partners with Ethereum-Approved Developers, SmartDec, to Launch Its Futures Trading Platform

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Digitex Futures has announced it has partnered with SmartDec to launch its much-anticipated zero-fee futures trading platform.

Following an unexpected setback with its former software developer, the Digitex team is forging ahead to ensure the platform is stable, feature-packed, and meets the expectations of the 1.5 million people on its waiting list who are excited about the launch of the non-custodial, commission-free exchange. It has hired Moscow-based Ethereum experts SmartDec to do it.

SmartDec has a team of around 40 developers of which 25% will be committed solely to the Digitex project. The company has a track record of working with some of the biggest names in the fintech and cryptocurrency space, including PundiX, Genesis Vision, and Exante.

Speaking on a live YouTube stream, Digitex Futures CEO Adam Todd outlined his plans for the future, SmartDec’s experience, and the next steps for the launch of the trading platform. He also answered questions from members of its community and promised the team was working hard to bring things back on track following the launch delay.

“I want to say thank you to our supporters for sticking with us. We promised you a launch date and unfortunately, we weren’t able to deliver. That’s my responsibility as CEO and I’m working to fix it,” he said.

“I want to reassure the 1.5 million people on our waiting list that we’re not going anywhere. We’re going to succeed because we’ll keep going until we do. We have one of the most capable and respected blockchain development companies in the world. We have such a strong community. It’s a recipe for huge success.” He added that:

“SmartDec has a dynamic and experienced team with world-class Ethereuem developers.”

Todd said work would continue as before but they would not be providing dates for milestones, preferring to deliver the product when it’s ready.

He said: “For the next month, we will be working with SmartDec on the new approach. After this time, we will have a good idea of a time frame for launch. I will be moving to Moscow and working side by side with the developers there. We will put out a roadmap, but not before it’s ready, and we will not commit to any dates until we are 1,000 percent sure of them.”

SmartDec will issue bi-weekly reports on progress, and 90% of the exchange code will be open source and available for everyone to see. The aim is to make development as transparent as possible.

A SmartDec spokesperson said: “We see this as a perfect opportunity to work with Digitex. We can take over the whole development, spend a month hammering out the code we have and all the tech specs. We can work together in Moscow with a 10-strong team of our best developers.”

The Digitex team will be joined by SmartDec developers in the next AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to ensure that token holders’ questions are answered and that the community can see first hand the work that is taking place.

To find out more about Digitex Futures, check out their website: www.digitexfutures.com


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