DigiToads, TRON, and Avalanche are the Three Most Powerful Cryptocurrency Products Currently Available

The blockchain became the center of attention after the breakout of Bitcoin. Since then, more networks have sprung up, putting the blockchain as the core for the growth of their native tokens. DigiToads has recently sprung up, and is using its appeal as a meme and also its intrigues in web3 via the swamp as a strong selling point. The platform, alongside Avalanche and TRON, are the most powerful crypto products. Here is why.

DigiToads: A Super Project

DigiToads is a platform that has a more diverse selling point than an ordinary traditional crypto network. It combines the appealing nature of memes and a real-world use case that uplifts it to the same level as utility-based crypto coins. It competes with utility-based coins on the same level, while having a chance to outstrip Shiba Inu and Dogecoin as the kings of the meme coin market.

Its two selling points make it a good investment coin because it focuses on growing its metaverse and, ‌pushing up the limits of its crypto coin via NFT staking and play to earn. So far, it has amassed over $4.8 million in presale, which is a strong start for something that has been around for several weeks. Its sale is in its eight stage, which soon will go into the ninth after surpassing a definite milestone. Each stage of the presale makes TOADS, its native coin, more valuable by increasing price. Currently priced at $0.042 during this stage but will rise to $0.047 once the ninth stage commences.

The platform centers its existence on the swamp metaverse, which is an interactive space for its community. Its NFTs are the main characters in the swamp arena that allow gamers to battle it out for an opportunity to appear on the leaderboards. Games have a season that lasts about a month, and the top 25% earn significant TOADS that increase their stakes in the DigiToads ecosystem.

Beyond gaming, DigiToads offers learning opportunities for those new to the crypto industry through its interactive features. It allows people to nature TOAD NFTs, which can take part in gaming battles or exchange for more TOADS once they mature.

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Futuristic visions on the internet, most especially on YouTube, require a scalable network that will allow massive data and internet capacity. The blockchain to make this a reality is Avalanche, which has prided itself as highly scalable and the quickest network to handle enormous data for decentralized apps and web3 products.

The underlying native Token for the platform, AVAX, will continue to power interactions within the ecosystem that has so far proved its worth. Currently, the platform has locked a total value of about $1.78 billion, which covers about 8 million addresses. Avalanche has about 1300 validators, with a transaction speed of 0.79 seconds–one of the fastest in the crypto domain.


With over 166 million accounts and over 5 million total transactions, TRON is leading the way for decentralized internet. The platform is impressive, yet simple enough for dApps and other web3 features that will soon dominate the internet.

The platform is highly scalable and boasts a block height of about 51 million. Its TRON PROTOCOL makes everyday transactions a breeze, pitting it against Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are regarded as market leaders. A standout feature is the scalability function that allows diverse ways to deploy apps, meaning the platform can scale quickly for sizeable communities.

Bottom Line

High-speed chains and throughput are central to making web3 mainstream, which helps apps scale to limits beyond what web2 currently consumes. Avalanche has demonstrated that it is capable of powering web3. TRON, on the other hand, is looking to leverage diverse ways in which to launch dApps to invite people to its ecosystem. While the two are impressive, DigiToads centers its attention on utility and the popularity of a meme, making it a worthwhile investment for people looking for a growing crypto coin with a real-world use case.


For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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