Discover Big Eyes Coin And Optimism As They Continue To Amass Value In The Market

Discover the best opportunities the market has for you by keeping up with trends and updates in the market. In the past few months, the market has presented some opportunities that could become even more profitable in the coming weeks. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new memecoin project still selling out on presale. The memecoin has raised over $32 million, and what’s interesting is the prospect it has to be as huge as memecoins like Dogecoin(DOGE). This potential is a major driver of early investors to the memecoin project looking to buy the token for cheap on presale and sell for a profit after launch. Presales are an exciting buy because it is set below market price, so the token price is guaranteed to be higher after launch. How high then depends on the other circumstances surrounding the crypto asset, and for now, Big Eyes(BIG) looks good and ready for a massive price pump.

On the other hand, Optimism has become trendy in the past few weeks, particularly for its surprising price uptrend. Networks like Optimism and some other layer-2 solutions have emerged from demand created by the growth of the blockchain industry. These scaling solutions have become imperative to the industry’s development, as blockchains like Ethereum, with the biggest share of activity across the landscape, have struggled with scalability, affordability, and even accessibility.

Optimism (OP)

Optimism (OP) is an emerging Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution. Essentially, it relieves part of the transactional stress off the main network, allowing it to function more efficiently. Optimism uses an “optimistic rollup,” Before going any further, it’s crucial to comprehend what rollups accomplish. Rollups are one of the many scaling solutions available to help Ethereum achieve higher transaction throughput. They perform transactions out of layer-1, and then the data is returned to layer-1, where consensus is reached.

They operate like carpooling, pooling several transactions together, and the fees are split between them, resulting in lower and more affordable transaction fees. Zero-knowledge rollups are pretty popular, and these run computations off-chain before submitting proof of validity to the chain. However, optimistic rollups earned their names from their mode of operation; they assume that all transactions are valid by default and only run fraud-proof computations when there’s a challenge.

Optimism(OP) has been one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in the past week, and it could be the cycle of layer-2 solutions like most crypto enthusiasts have predicted. The OP token was launched through an airdrop last year, and users are definitely for some exciting price movements this year.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin is a new memecoin project on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to become one of the most influential projects on the landscape. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) takes an exciting approach to the memecoin landscape using cat memes. These cat memes create unique forms of jokes and bring the landscape something different than the unidirectional dog memes we’ve had for a decade. Big Eyes is looking to inspire other projects to adopt cat memes as the new face of crypto jokes.

Big Eyes Coin will be using Ethereum to the best of its potential to grow its DeFi utility. The memecoin is also looking to explore gaming, the metaverse, and NFTs, which will serve as access tickets to more exclusive community events and content. Holders of the BIG token will be able to contribute to the governance of the protocol by creating proposals and voting for consensus on the community DAO.

Big Eyes Coin’ presale has been quite impressive, and it points to some profit for users who continue to buy the token from presale. Presale is the earliest you can be on any project, so join the presale here now. Use the promo code BULLRUN250 to claim a 250% bonus on your purchase.






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