Discover DOGAI, the new AI meme coin phenomenon of 2023

DogAI is a new meme coin that has been launched the 23 February 2023, growing 1000% in just 48H.

By combining the power of artificial intelligence with blockchain technology, $DOGAI seeks to provide the Crypto community with innovative decision making assistance tools. The launch of $DOGAI is a significant step forward in the future of financial technology and how people manage their own money.

$DOGAI is developing a platform that will allow users to benefit from the power of AI. Through AI, $DOGAI will offer innovative financial services such as market prediction, portfolio management, and trend analysis.

As per DexTools, there has been an significant growth in the demand of $DOGAI in less than four days.

The team aims to be become one of the next succesfull meme coin, by building a strong community and a strong project that aligns with the community. They have been very active since the launch, wich is reflected on the growth of the project in only one week.

DogAi is backed by a  strong community, they seems to be focused on the long term support of DogAI and excited to see it grow in the next years. The community looks like really involved and believe in the project, wich is a very good sign, especially launching in a bear market. The hype is getting real.

Airdrop campaign

DogAi is currently rewarding the early adopters by offerring 1% of the total supply to its early holders. To participate in the Airdrop, you have to hold a minimal of 6 Billions $DOGAI tokens and fill the form :

Elon Musk Doge and AI hype could make DOGAI viral after the CMC listing.

Elon musk tweeted this just after DOGAI project been live on pancakeswap. This could become one of the major cataclym of the next Meme coin hype around DogAI.

The DogAi project share the values that Elon Musk is having concern on : The fact that AI could be biased. In this regards, the projects aims to align with Elon musk’s vision to make the world a better place by providing an unbiased AI for the people.

In conclusion, DogAI is a groundbreaking decentralized token that creates a new automated digital asset management ecosystem. By utilizing AI with analytical data.

By combining the power of artificial intelligence with blockchain technology, DogAI seeks to provide the Crypto community with innovative decision-making assistance tools. The launch of DogAI is a significant step forward in the future of financial technology and the way we manage our money.


When investing in a new cryptocurrency, there is some details wich shows how serious the project is, for example an Audited smart contract. The DogAi team just publised the smart contract audit wich passed all security tests. The project is doing the right steps to ensure the investors are in security investing in $DOGAI.

The next major announcements incoming seems to be the release of their Staking platform and AI Dapps utilities, going live in the next 15 days. This is going to make $DOGAI a serious player amoung the other meme coin dominating the market. They are also looking for CoinMarketCap listing and major cex listing as per the roadmap.

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