Draper University Announces the Launch of Its Executive Blockchain Program.


March 31, 2018: Draper University is unveiling a new Executive Blockchain Program offering. The program creates an opportunity for corporate executives to leverage the Draper University learning model to learn and create a blockchain strategy that allows them to lead innovation within their industry. The five-day program will create a unique, network-driven educational journey where participants can go through an intensive boot camp designed to teach them all the fundamentals of blockchain technology. Armed with the new-found knowledge, they can utilize the distributed ledger’s potential to create efficiencies in new business models.

The course program set to begin on April 9, 2018, is already sold out. Those planning to take part in this course can join the waitlist.

Program highlights.

The new executive program begins with two foundational courses: Blockchain Overview and Blockchain Strategy. At the start of the program, the participants will go through an in-depth evaluation of the various types of blockchains available today, how their designs are created to solve different problems, and how to pick the right one to suit the needs. The participants will then learn how to apply various strategies with blockchain as an infrastructure to create efficiencies and new business models as well as leverage tokens to realign incentives for their customers.

During the 5 days, participants will undergo an intense schedule where the speakers will take the participants through an introduction to blockchain’s potential, design, and utility on day one. Over the few days, participants will focus on mastering their knowledge of blockchain technology applications such as what blockchain can do for their companies, how the tokens can enhance their business models, and finally creating a blockchain strategy. This will allow them to evaluate a range of strategies while learning and practicing these strategies.

Participants will be able to experience the corporate blockchain innovation component which is a fast track for any executive who wishes to learn how blockchain integrates into current existing technologies. This builds on the fundamental blockchain course and will challenge the participants to establish a deeper understanding of blockchain.

Who should attend?

Corporate executives and decision makers in the company, among other interested parties. The program is designed to help business leaders to uncover the power of blockchain. This will allow them to implement the technology in existing businesses or create new businesses based on the blockchain. Entrepreneurs will learn how to navigate startups in the blockchain space and position themselves for great success. Even those who don’t know where they fit in the blockchain landscape can join the course to gain a competitive edge over their peers.

About Draper University

Draper University is part of a broad ecosystem of projects designed to deliver world-class entrepreneurship and innovation education programs to a global audience. Draper University was founded by legendary venture capitalist Tim Draper. In the course of his career, Tim has made investments in a number of companies including Tesla, SpaceX, Baidu, Coinbase, and Hotmail. Since he was the first institutional investor to invest in Initial Coin Offerings, he widely is recognized as a leader in both the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

The program starts on the 9th of April and ends 13th April 2018.

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