DROP Tokens will be exchangeable for the Droplex Blockchain currency

The early access token pre-sale is live! It will be open until 28th of July at 11:59

 . Total amount of 10.000.000 DROP tokens will be available during the pre-sale and the price for 1.000 tokens is 1 ETH.

Droplex has recently launched a token pre-sale in which they’re offering tokens (DROP) based on the Ethereum blockchain. There have been some questions regarding the use of DROP tokens after the new blockchain gets created and the new Droplex currency begins to be mined. Now we have answers.

When Droplex starts mining it’s own cryptocurrency, it will offer a service for holders of DROP token that will make it possible to trade the tokens for the new coin on Droplex blockchain. This is to ensure that the tokens will remain usable and valuable even after the public launch of the new blockchain. The exchange rate will depend on the price of the tokens and the price of the new Drop coin. Currently the exchange rate for 1.000 DROP tokens is 1 ETH.

It will still be possible to trade the tokens on exchanges like regular altcoins, but for those who want to jump into the new blockchain currency Droplex will offer a trade between the two. So hold on to those tokens for now and you might just make a fortune trading them after the launch.

Droplex will conduct private testing of the blockchain in August and a month after that will launch the main ICO in September. All unsold tokens after September’s sale will be burned and no new tokens will be issued. Then finally in December the new cryptocurrency will launch publically on the high security Droplex blockchain.

Read more about Droplex at: https://droplex.org
The project’s whitepaper: https://droplex.org/uploads/Droplex_Whitepaper.pdf

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