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Quilvius (QVUI) is a new crypto project to enter the market and is currently in presale. This unique project is enticing users to purchase QVUI tokens by offering rewards and bonuses as incentives. Influenced by market leader Bitcoin (BTC), you can also earn rewards through the Bitcoin platform. But first, let’s see what Quilvius is all about.

What Is Quilvius (QVUI)?

Quilvius is a unique project to enter the market as it focuses on spreading knowledge and culture through books. As a non-profit project, Quilvius stands out from other crypto projects as usually, crypto projects aim to make money. However, Quilvius’ goal is not to make money, but to help others make money.

The commission that Quilvius makes will be donated to educational facilities, universities that target arts and culture, as well as authors that wish to publish a book but are unable to due to their personal or financial circumstances. This fund will be used to help individuals educate themselves worldwide.

Hence, a project like this needs to be heavily focused on its community. Not only is it likely for Quilvius to build a strong community of users who are interested in learning and reading, but its reward scheme will help build a community faster.

For every user that purchases QVUI tokens during the first stage of its presale, they will earn a 10% reward. If QVUI tokens are purchased in stage two of the presale, they will earn a 5% reward, and in stage three, there will be a 3% reward. Furthermore, Quilvius also offers a referral bonus of 25%!

As Quilvius is in presale, token prices are already low, attracting users to purchase tokens. However, with the help of its reward system, it is likely for Quilvius to build a large, strong community during its presale stage, which could help its likelihood of long-term success.

How Has Bitcoin (BTC) Influenced Quilvius (QVUI)?

Bitcoin is very different from Quilvius as a project, yet has influenced Quilvius significantly. When Bitcoin launched in 2009, it was the very first cryptocurrency to exist. When Bitcoin found success over the years, various other cryptocurrencies began to enter the market.

Currently, the crypto market is quite saturated, with thousands of projects out there. However, Quilvius has taken inspiration from Bitcoin by standing out and being the first crypto project to not only target a unique audience but also be a non-profit cryptocurrency. Due to this, Quilvius has strong potential for long-term success, possibly even similar to the success Bitcoin saw, of which all profits will be donated to help educate individuals around the world.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in purchasing QVUI tokens, you can sign up through Bitcoin to receive a 12% reward! It is best to look now as Quilvius is in presale, meaning that token prices are low.

Once the token has launched, the token prices are expected to rise, especially if Quilvius grows a strong community during its presale phase. Nevertheless, it is best to further your research before making any rash decisions as there is always a level of risk that comes with any purchase in the crypto world.

Learn more about Quilvius here:

Presale: http://join.quilvius.com/
Website: http://quilvius.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/QuilviusOfficial


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