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EARTH Token ICO Introduces Affiliate Program with Huge Incentives


The EARTH Token Affiliate Program, open to all, offers 20% commissions in EARTH Tokens to affiliates and 20% Bonus EARTH Tokens to purchasers during the final weeks of the Earth Token ICO.

7 March 2018, Isle of Man  The EARTH Token team have launched an affiliate program for the final phase of the EARTH Token sale. Anyone can now promote EARTH Token by offering 20% Bonus EARTH Tokens for all EARTH Token purchases made using their Unique Affiliate Link resulting in a 20% commission in EARTH Tokens for the affiliate promoter. This means EARTH Token promoters will earn free EARTH Tokens when purchases are made via their affiliate link and purchasers that take up the offer will receive an extra 20% Bonus EARTH Tokens.

The final stage of the sale is currently underway and will end on Thursday 15th March 2018 12:00 GMT.

“We received a lot of interest in our Telegram Group and other social media channels for an affiliate program. So we are excited to announce the launch of our affiliate program to incentivise all EARTH Token promoters during the final stage of the sale. The beauty of it is that It’s not just for the big promoters, anyone promoting EARTH Token to their friends and associates, can join the program and earn EARTH Tokens, contributing to the impact this project will have on our environment.” – Allan Saunders – Managing Director, impactChoice, Isle of Man

All interested parties can visit the affiliate signup page Although the affiliate program is primarily designed for digital content producers, podcast producers and social media influencers with audiences, followers and email subscribers, anyone can become an affiliate and earn free EARTH Tokens each time someone uses their unique affiliate link to purchase EARTH Tokens. Signing up is as easy as providing a valid email address and valid ERC20 compatible Ethereum Address. All affiliates will receive a Welcome Pack by email with resources and social media templates to assist them in explaining the EARTH Token project to their subscribers, followers, friends, and associates.

The EARTH Token project will bring to life the NAE (Natural Asset Exchange) which is set to revolutionize the trade in carbon mitigation products, environmental sustainability products, and other natural assets. The goal is to establish a global Natural Asset Marketplace that removes current barriers to participation in activities that preserve our Environment while providing all stakeholders with tangible assets that can appreciate in value as the market matures and grows.

About impactChoice

impactChoice is a leading provider of environmental sustainability solutions. The impactChoice Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform and EARTH Token (EARTH) creates a unique opportunity to invigorate the Natural Asset Market and enable all stakeholders in the value chain to participate. Transforming Environmental Sustainability from a financial burden to a business incentive by finally providing all contributors with tangible assets that will appreciate in value as the market grows – allowing the market to grow organically and achieve its massive potential.


Allan Saunders
[email protected]

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