EarthCycle (ECE) Coin Powers A Decentralized Funding Pool Towards Sustainable Development Goals


“As the World Economic Situation and Prospects 2018 demonstrates, current macroeconomic conditions offer policymakers greater scope to address some of the deep-rooted systemic issues and short-term thinking that continue to hamper progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.” —António Guterres, UN Secretary-General

The above quote also reflects concern for eradicating poverty and creating decent jobs for all, addressing the longer‑term structural issues that hold back a faster progress towards sustainable development of marginal economies in several parts of Africa, Western Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Responsibly and fortuitously, Earth Nation has released ECE coins on a decentralized platform backed by the exponential growth rate of real-world business revenues.

There is a commitment to use 100% of profits from ECE’s coin launch for investment into profitable businesses that are solving systemic issues, fast-tracking the long-term vision of a clean green planet with happy, healthy inhabitants. Additionally, these businesses will reinvest majority of their profits on additional businesses which will also return the profits in true blockchain transparency.

Why do the rich get richer while the poor get poorer? Dakota Kaiser provides an in-depth solution to this anomalous situation with EarthCycle and Earth Nation. We are heartened that starting this July 1 to 31, ECE Coins are in pre-sale. During this time Coins are $0.76 USD Equivalent each or $0.72 equivalent each for orders over 10,000 Coins, with 80% of returns invested into businesses that are helping the world.

How important is EarthCycle to the world’s booming population? Play the video to get convinced on its advocacy:

“This is the most inspiring video I have ever seen! I have always wanted to find a way to eliminate the waste that we create and now there is a technology to do it and use the proceeds to help fund regenerative businesses that also help the environment and humanity!”

EarthCycle is investing all of the profits from the ECE Coin sale into ECE businesses, and in the future, other businesses that match their criteria. They are using 80% of returns from ECE businesses to invest in more businesses that are helping the world while making great returns.

ECE will use 20% of all returns from ECE businesses to buy the coin off the market and burn/destroy it. This market factor in combination with demand stimulated by ECE businesses and ECE voting platform gives the currency the potential for an exponential growth rate without speculation.

Estimated projections based on our ECE business profit history and historical market data indicate a potential ECE Coin growth rate of over 100 times in the next 20 years.

During the ECE pre-sale lasting until 8/1/2018 ECE coins are being sold from the ECE ICO for 0.76 USD Equivalent in BTC or ETH for volume orders under 10000 ECE Coins. For orders over 10000 ECE Coins price per Coin is 0.72 USD Equivalent.

Starting 1st of August 2018, the price of ECE coins will be $0.80 Equivalent. The price will increase every 7 days by $0.03 until the end of the ICO on 1st of February, 2019.

Finally, a cryptocurrency backed by something real

EarthCycle has an astounding line up of four businesses that have been in profitable operation for 2-25 years producing from 30%-100%+ annual return every year. These businesses are solving major problems around the world and are ready to scale from a total of 41 facilities to hundreds of facilities in the next 2 years. They have exclusive contracts that give them from 50-80% ownership of all facilities funded by EarthCycle.

There exists already numerous advanced technologies, that once applied on a global systemic level will drastically reduce the majority of the worst problems that plague our planet and species.

Franchise-like businesses with a great return on investment (25% to 70%+ yearly) that allow easy propagation and correct stewardship of technologies funded by infinitely available venture capital funds are obviously the keys to spreading these solutions across the world as quickly as possible.

EarthCycle funding will be allocated to tried and tested businesses that are already in profitable operation. Earth Nation will provide each company the opportunity to develop international franchises that are indefinitely connected with the EarthCycle Coin and the EarthCycle nonprofit organizations. This element is further described in the Franchise-like Branches section of the ECE whitepaper.

For more information read their whitepaper and/or check out


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