ECN Dapp Launching in The Global Market: Be one Step Ahead in The Crypto Adventure

→ 25000+ holders globally in just 3 months.
→ Over 200k+ transactions
→ Over 1M+ daily trading volume.

All this before launching of Prediction Market and Head to Head betting platform.

Now they are launching their Dapp.

We don’t have to hide; we are in a massive bear run. All the cryptos’ values decreased substantially, starting with Bitcoin.

In the current market, the profits started to become a fantasy. However, we don’t need to be discouraged. After such a bull run at the beginning of 2021, it was expected for the prices to drop.

And like any other bull-bear run period, things will soon get back to normal.

But if you need crypto profits now, you might need to change the perspective from which you’re looking into things. If the current market is not where you can’t come out on top, why not get into prediction markets?

And since we’re here, let’s choose a platform that is really worth the investments – ECN.

What is ECN?

The ECN platform is a decentralized crypto prediction market built in partnership with Future Tech, Nexchange Group, WWM, and The Blockchain Academy.

In case this is the first time you hear about this term, find that on a prediction market, you don’t trade your cryptocurrencies at their current value. But at an automated predicted value that can be higher or lower than the currency market.

It’s a risk we are willing to take, especially when there’s a bear run going on.

Besides its main purpose, the ECN also offers users the opportunity to exploit head-to-head betting. In other words, to vote for an outcome, not for the simple success.

It’s a pretty good combination if you ask us because both of them empower users with adrenaline and excitement.

Why ECN?

As you may have guessed, ECN Global is not the only crypto prediction market out there, but it definitely has some benefits that make it stand out.

First of all, a profitable trading platform is one that has a big and loyal community. And ECN comes with over 350,000 users from five different continents – and that’s just the data from the Launchpad.

ECN is also completely decentralized, which means no third parties will come between you and your assets.

And the cherry on top, the platform is available in any country. There’s no geographic limit. And the team behind the project is always up to date with the prediction market resolution and finds flexible solutions for that.

ECN Global vs. other crypto gamblings

ECN is so appreciated because of the wide range of features and benefits available for its players, like:

  • Access on Website, iOS, and Android;
  • No Ethereum Gas Fees;
  • Easy market creation;
  • No trading limit;
  • Any trading topics.

They looked for the actual issues of the crypto domain and developed something that can solve them once and for all.

Now, what are you waiting for? Join ECN and venture into the crypto industry!

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